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Adult Power Wheelchairs

Juvo B5/B6 Power Wheelchair

The Juvo B5 & B6 power wheelchairs have a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for complex requirements.

The Juvo B5 & B6 power wheelchairs have a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for complex requirements.


Enhance Life. Demand Quality.

With front-wheel, mid-wheel and rear-wheel drive, you have the option to choose between the specific driving characteristics and motor powers of three drive types in two frame widths.

A high degree of flexibility is assured by the new VAS (variably adjustable seat) frame solution with Ergo-Joint back support angle adjustment as well as innovative special and environmental controls, among other features.

Jon's Juvo big day out at the Emirates Stadium

We invited Jon Bolding, captain of the England powerchair football team, to enjoy a day out test driving Ottobock’s Juvo B5 mid-wheel-drive powerchair.

Jon Juvo 169 4c
Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

Front Wheel Drive (FWD)

This drive type isn't just compact but also means you can easily overcome obstacles such as curbs thanks to its large drive wheels. With its relatively small turning radius and the ability to drive close to objects (such as furniture), the front-wheel drive Juvo is manoeuvrable and ideal for indoor use.

Why front wheel drive?

  • Compact design with very small turning radius

  • Drives up close to objects

  • Good overview in front of the wheelchair

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use and easily navigates curbs

  • User comfort with good leg positioning

  • Postural stability

Mid Wheel Drive (MWD)

Mid Wheel Drive (MWD)

The all-rounder among the drive types. The mid-wheel drive offers incomparable driving characteristics for all fields of application. The tight turning radius is suitable for indoor use while also providing added stability and safety outdoors. The single-wheel suspension and torsion drive system form the basis for this intuitive drive type and thanks to the direct pivot point, safe handling is possible even with more complex forms of input.

Why mid-wheel drive?

  • Intuitive movement and driving thanks to central pivot point

  • Maximum stability against tipping and it is easy to navigate curbs

  • Optimum weight distribution

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

  • User comfort with postural stability

The picture presents Anja, Anja, and Tobias sitting in their Juvo B4, B5, and B7 wheelchairs, enjoying Berlin and laughing together.
Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)

The rear-wheel drive sets the standard for power wheelchairs due to its versatility. In addition to offering numerous variations in terms of speed and features, the design also permits optimal distribution of forces on various driving surfaces. Thanks to its directional stability, the Juvo with rear-wheel drive is a great choice if you want mobility indoors and also plan to go on regular outdoor excursions.

Why rear-wheel drive?

  • Excellent directional stability, even at higher speeds

  • Flexible centre of gravity distribution

  • Good drive wheel traction when driving up and down slopes

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

  • Easily navigate curbs

  • User comfort with postural stability

Juvo B5 B6 RWD 2

Stand out features of the Juvo B5 & B6.


Magnetic LED lighting

The magnetic holder for the LED lighting makes it easy to attach and remove the lighting without the use of tools. If the wheelchair requires servicing, the LED lighting can be removed and conveniently used like a torch.

Control devices

Control devices


The tried-and-tested VR2 is our basic control device, which can be programmed to suit your personal needs. The control panel is divided into a keypad, two LED displays and a joystick. A charging receptacle is located on the underside.



The TEN° handheld control device leads to a small ergonomic revolution for you as a user. The soft hand support prevents premature fatigue and the innovative rotary control with 10° rotation angle makes it easier to access the speed regulations. In addition the high-resolution 3.5" colour display gives you a good overview of the user interface.


Attendant Control

The VR2 and TEN° control devices can be combined with an attendant control device. It can be positioned on the back of the wheelchair or on the left or right side. Another person can then provide assistance during driving and can also permit easy operation of the power seat adjustments.


Special Controls

Alternative types of input can be used when standard joysticks don’t offer the best option. For example, the mini joystick is mounted on an electronic swivel arm for control with the chin or lips. The alternative types of control can be used to control the seat functions as well as your communication devices and home environment.


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Seating solutions

Seating solutions


Contour Package

Our collaboration with physiotherapists and occupational therapists has resulted in an optimally shaped seat which is available in a wide range of sizes and contours. The front seat base is formed by the anatomically shaped seat surface, which offers a high level of lateral stability. Moulded to the shape of the thigh, the cushion helps relieve the hip joints. An integrated “ramp” also aids the optimal positioning of the pelvis. Together with the back support pad, it helps to actively straighten the pelvis. Both components of the contour package can be combined with the standard and VAS seating solutions.

Technical Data

Technical Data


6/7.2/10/14 kmph

Battery capacity

53 Ah (C5) for Juvo B5

63 Ah (C5) for Juvo B6

Range (acc. to ISO 7176-4)

35 km

Control unit

VR2 or Ottobock TEN°

Max. load capacity

Chassis size 1: 140 kg

Chassis size 2: 160 kg

Obstacle negotiation capability

Front-wheel drive: 100 mm

Rear-wheel drive 65 mm, optional 100 mm

Climbing ability (ISO 7176-2)


Overall width

Chassis size 1: 600 mm

Chassis size 2: 640 mm

Seat height (depending on seating solution)

400-550 mm

Seat width

340-560 mm

Seat depth

340-500 mm

Back angle

0° to +30°

Seat tilt

45° power

Seat inclination

-3° / 0° / 3° / 6°

Back height

450 / 550 mm

Arm support height

225-350 mm

Lower leg length

250-540 mm

Max. charging time

12 hours


from 107 kg




Hemiplegia is where one side of the body is paralysed. It can affect either side of the body. It is caused by damage to the brain, such as a stroke. This can happen before, during or after birth. The condition can be congenital or acquired.

Power wheelchair user Kristina is in Ottobock Juvo B4, in front of a blue photo studio background.

Juvo B4

The Juvo B4 with rear-wheel drive offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use while still being compact and manoeuvrable indoors.

The Juvo B4 with rear-wheel drive offers enhanced safety and comfortable damping characteristics for outdoor use while still being compact and manoeuvrable indoors.

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