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17B203 - Knee-Ankle-Foot orthotics

E-MAG Active

Responsive and stable

The E-MAG Active was developed for users who, due to muscle weakness or a complete failure of the knee extensor muscles, are unable to stabilise their knee joint unassisted.

The E-MAG Active was developed for users who, due to muscle weakness or a complete failure of the knee extensor muscles, are unable to stabilise their knee joint unassisted.

An intelligent sensor system measures the leg position while walking and controls the orthosis joint accordingly. Therefore the knee joint is unlocked automatically while walking: the leg can swing freely. The PreLock function securely locks your knee joint for the stance phase even if you have not fully extended your leg yet. You can stand safely and walk more naturally with the E-MAG Active.

Even users who have no ankle functionality whatsoever are able to use the E-MAG Active.

IndicationsParaplegia, Paralysis, Neurological disorders
User groupyouths, adults, elderly
ApplicationsCustom Orthotics
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Benefits at a glance

E-MAG Active – reliable support

Beatrix walking around town with the E-MAG Active
Walking naturally

Many orthosis users share certain requirements, such as a more natural gait pattern and a desire to not always have to concentrate on their movements. Intelligent electronics ensure that you can walk more naturally and smoothly. A magnet automatically opens the joint, and your hands remain free. You can focus on other things in life that are important to you – your family, activities or hobby.

Denise going for a walk
An improved posture

The E-MAG Active makes your movements easier: You can do more again and be more active than before. This can have a positive effect on your muscles and your overall physical health, for example your circulatory system. Thanks to the more natural gait pattern, the need for compensating movements is virtually eliminated, relieving strain on the contralateral side of the body and therefore preventing symptoms of wear.


After changing the E-MAG Active to unlocked mode using a small button, you can even go cycling, for example on a therapy bike. Other sports activities such as Nordic walking are possible as well thanks to the joint's intelligent control unit.

Denise at work with her E-MAG Active.
Suitable for everyday use

Its enclosed design protects the E-MAG Active against external influences such as impacts and clothing getting caught. The joint surfaces form a uniform, enclosed surface even when the joint is flexed.

Beatrix at work with her E-MAG Active
Long daily duration of use

Depending on the movements you perform, the E-MAG Active lasts for up to 5,000 steps. This corresponds to about 8 km and is usually sufficient for a day. You can easily charge the battery again overnight.

Beatrix doing sports with her E-MAG Active
Quick and quiet

Continual operating noises can be perceived as bothersome and unpleasant in many situations. The magnet works quickly and quietly when unlocking the joint during walking, making it inconspicuous in everyday life.

User Experience

Trust yourself again

Beatrix tells her story

Beatrix was run over by a concrete mixer at the age of 13 and has been living with incomplete paraplegia ever since. Thanks to her strong will and her E-MAG Active/Nexgear Tango orthosis, she has literally managed to get back on her feet and is no longer permanently dependent on her wheelchair.


Moving confidently with sensor control


The E-MAG Active secures your knee joint at the crucial moment shortly before you reach the stance phase. In other words, in the phase where your weight is supported by the affected leg. Early locking is accomplished by the PreLock function. It releases your knee joint again for the swing phase, which is when you swing your leg. The E-MAG Active is unlocked by your walking movements at every step and locked again before you step down with your foot. This is made possible by an intelligent sensor system, which measures the position of the leg while walking and sends this information to the electronics in the joint. Then the magnet unlocks the joint quickly and quietly. This is also how the joint was named: E-MAG for electromagnetic.


Product information

Product typeE-MAG Active
User groupyouths, adults, elderly

Product Data

Article numberSideFlexion angle
17B203=Lleft (L)5 °
17B203=Rright (R)5 °
17B203=L-7.5left (L)7.5 °
17B203=R-7.5right (R)7.5 °



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