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Our Global Movement

Celebrating human empowerment

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A New Anthem

Millions of stories, united by one song

For over 100 years, Ottobock has led the way in empowering people to achieve independence and freedom of movement. This year, we’re celebrating all the remarkable people who’ve brought us on their journey their big moments, their little wins, and everything in between.

And it all begins with a one-of-a-kind musical collaboration between the worldwide disability community and rising superstar Sam Ryder. Together they’ve brought our promise to life with an unforgettable tribute to the unconquerable human spirit: Sam’s new hit “Mountain.”

Don’t just stream it today. See it, feel it, and discover how far we can all rise above.

How our users helped “Mountain” take shape

Sam knew he wanted to create a special hymn to overcoming adversity, and we had the perfect inspiration: people around the world who use our products to face their greatest challenges and achieve their biggest dreams. Check out the first version of "Mountain" that Sam wrote for us.

Live @Eurovision

Sam Ryder shares our anthem with the world

In a truly unique moment at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, Sam dazzled Europe with a live performance of “Mountain” — and a groundbreaking group of disabled performers. For the first time in Eurovision history, people with disabilities came together to show who they truly are: unstoppable forces of nature with the courage to accomplish anything.


viewers shared the moment

37 countries

joined the celebration

10+ creators

with disabilities took the stage

Trailblazing performers

Meet the one-of-a-kind artists, creators, athletes, and advocates who slayed with Sam at Eurovision 2023. Follow them on Instagram and TikTok to see how they’re all giving #IAmAMountain to the world.

Portrait of Anna Osicki dressed for Eurovision live performance.

Anna Osicki

All the people in this performance were an inspiration. They’re fighters who’ve faced their fears and conquered them.

Sam Ryder
Sam Ryder raises his hands and sings into a microphone at a concert.
Real Journeys

Eyes on the future, heads to the sky

As #IAmAMountain spreads around the globe, we’re following more than 30 Ottobock users who've lived the story of our song. From limb loss to muscular disorders, each one of them has struggled up from life’s dark valleys to reach new heights. Check out how far each one has gone.


Conquering mountains — and proving he is one

Born deep in the Himalayas, Hari lost both legs while serving in the British military. But not even that could hold him back from the mountains he loved: today, he’s the first bilateral above-knee amputee to summit mountain Everest which is 8.849 m tall.

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Ready to share your mountain story? Use the form below to tell us how you made it up, and how it felt to reach the top. We’ll send you some #IAmAMountain threads to celebrate everything you’ve accomplished.

Drawing of an Ottobock bebionic hand and a human hand giving a fist bump over a mountain.

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