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743Z51 - Software

iFab EasyScan

Your tool to start digital workflows
iFab EasyScan makes it easy to start digitizing workflows in O&P. The 3D scanning software is specially adapted to the requirements of taking patient measurements. It is particularly intuitive and easy to use.iFab EasyScan means precise real-time capturing of patient measurements and accurate visualization including texture. It enables a short scanning distance, easy continuation of the scan in case of interruptions and working in offline mode. iFab EasyScan is the solution for seamless workflows and mobile, flexible working.The direct connection of iFab EasyScan with the iFab Customer Center (iCC) enables an easy digitization of downstream workflows from 3D modelling to ordering.
Use casesDefinitely socket production, Interim socket production, Definitely orthosis production
Product typeSoftware
Scope of applicationOrthosis lower limb, Orthosis upper limb, Prosthesis upper limb
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Benefits at a glance

iFab EasyScan - Upgrade your workflows

Quick to learn, easy to use

The iFab EasyScan is an intuitive and easy to handle scan solution. You are guided through the process and can start right away.

Optimized tracking

If the scanner loses visual contact with the object during the scanning process, the process can be continued by starting at a point that has already been scanned. iFab EasyScan recognizes this point without further ado, so that the scan can be completed without restarting the whole process.

Minimized scan distance

With iFab EasyScan, objects can be scanned up to a minimum distance of 17cm.

Offline mode - work from anywhere

With iFab EasyScan, scans can be taken even without an internet connection. The files can be uploaded into the iFab Customer Center at the time of the next internet connection.

Seamless process integration

The direct connection of iFab EasyScan to your customer account in the iFab Customer Center ensures a consistent user experience and enables you to digitize the treatment steps. Scan files can be processed using guided modelling steps during ordering for a dedicated iFab product (e.g. MyFit TT). Alternativly the download of scan files is avialable.*   * Valid license for export required 

User Experience

iFab EasyScan - Easy and outstanding

The nice part about the iFab EasyScan is how detailed that scan is! I can draw all that anatomy on the limb and when I take the scans it shows up in the picture.

Ryan Filippis, CPO at Wright & Filippis

In the past, my residual limb was plastered. I then sat there for a long time and had to wait for the plaster to dry. After that, you have all the mess that has to be disposed of. I am glad that there is now this quick, clean and above all pleasant solution with the IFab EasyScan!

Beytullah, MyFit TT user

The iFabEasyScan is nice because you just hold it in one hand while having the digital display on your computer. It is very simple. I can do a scan in as little as 20 seconds. This allows me to be more patient focussed. If I am spending less time working back in the lab, I can spend more time with my patient. 

Ryan Filippis, CPO at Wright & Filippis

What is great about the iFab EasyScan ist that it also captures the image and texture of the scanned object. So when you go to modify, you can refer back to those markings. You can look at the image and see where you placed your markers.

Jeffrey Waldmuller, CPO


Optimized für O&P workflows

1. Simply install iFab EasyScan on your windows machine, connect the scanner and start the iFab EasyScan application. 

2. After pairing with your iFab Customer Center account in the application you are ready to create a new scan job and select the appropriate scan volume for your object. 

3. Start scanning and continue until you captured the enitre object completely. Optionally, add more images to the job via the camera function. Now, you can upload the completed scan directly to the iFab Customer Center.

4. In the iFab Customer Center you can continue digital workflows by choosing to modify your scan directly within in the order process for your 3D printed product or download your scan file. 


Product information

Use casesDefinitely socket production, Interim socket production, Definitely orthosis production
Product typeSoftware
Scope of applicationOrthosis lower limb, Orthosis upper limb, Prosthesis upper limb