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50K306 - Genou


Groupe d'utilisateursAdultes
ApplicationsRenforcement & Soutien
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Aperçu des avantages
Open design
Open design

The Vantage can be put on and fastened while sitting down using the four individually adjustable, numbered flaps on the calf and thigh.

Fabric elements
Fabric elements

The brace’s fabric elements make it lightweight. We use soft, breathable materials to make it.

Support for pain

The Vantage provides support during everyday and recreational activities. It can help alleviate your pain.

Variable settings

A dynamic, Y-shaped strap lets you decrease the pressure on the affected side of the knee with just a pull – so you can respond to various everyday situations as needed.

For everyday life and recreation
For everyday life and recreation

Individuals with osteoarthritis of the knee will find that regular exercise is beneficial for the affected joint. In our Agilium Move programme, we show you how training can help you strengthen the muscles around your knee.


Joint pain ...

... is often triggered by arthrosis. This degenerative joint condition occurs especially often in the knee and can cause severe pain. Read on to find out what lies behind osteoarthritis and how you can relieve the pain and counteract it.

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee (knee OA for short) is a sign of wear that usually begins in adulthood and causes pain in the knee. It is caused by excessive strain or incorrect loading. This causes the cartilage in the knee joint to be destroyed. Progressive pain often results. Besides medication and physiotherapy, orthopaedic devices such as braces can also relieve the joint and counteract pain. For further information, please see our "Arthrosis" page.

Informations produit

Groupe d'utilisateursAdultes
ApplicationsRenforcement & Soutien
Principes de fonctionnementSolutions mécaniques
FabricationDe confection
Famille de produitsGenou ostéoarthrite

Fichier produit

Référence de l’articleTailleCirconférence de jambe ACirconférence de cuisse BCôtéVersion de l'orthèse
50K306=L-XS-S-LOXS/S28 - 36 cm36 - 46 cmGauche (L)Orthèse latérale
50K306=L-XS-S-MOOrthèse médiale
50K306=L-M-L-LOM/L36 - 46 cm46 - 60 cmOrthèse latérale
50K306=L-M-L-MOOrthèse médiale
50K306=L-XL-3XL-LOXL/3XL46 - 61 cm60 - 81 cmOrthèse latérale
50K306=L-XL-3XL-MOOrthèse médiale
50K306=R-XS-S-LOXS/S28 - 36 cm36 - 46 cmDroit (R)Orthèse latérale
50K306=R-XS-S-MOOrthèse médiale
50K306=R-M-L-LOM/L36 - 46 cm46 - 60 cmOrthèse latérale
50K306=R-M-L-MOOrthèse médiale
50K306=R-XL-3XL-LOXL/3XL46 - 61 cm60 - 81 cmOrthèse latérale
50K306=R-XL-3XL-MOOrthèse médiale



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