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TF Combination

Socket Technology

Socket Technology

Amputees move best with the right socket

The socket is the load-bearing component of the prosthesis, correct socket selection is essential to provide a secure connection and assures a proper fit of the prosthesis.

Ottobock Offer a 3 day course Transfemoral Solutions - This course helps you consider the design and fitting process of a transfemoral amputee.

1459428 TF Socket

Proven performance at every step

This legacy lives on in the C-Leg 4 update. With an innovative design and exciting new features, the C-Leg 4 provides the known reliability, next-level personalisation, and an easier, more intuitive user experience for both patients and professionals alike.

C-Leg 4


The Taleo feels more natural and comfortable.

The prosthetic foot features a smooth rollover, and its efficient energy return supports a dynamic gait. In doing so, it adapts flexibly to the individual way you walk and various surfaces and inclines. The Taleo is resistant to fresh, salt and chlorinated water. Additional water runoff channels on the adapter and openings in the sole of the foot prevent water from collecting in your prosthesis and interfering with your activities.

義足足部1C50タレオ カーボン足部