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AOPA 2022

bebionic Hand

The most lifelike prosthetic hand

Comfortable, intuitive and precise – the bebionic hand is transforming the lives and abilities of amputees around the world. And this extends from helping them perform simple tasks like tying their shoelaces to giving them back their control and self-esteem.

With 14 different grips and hand positions, the bebionic artificial hand makes it easy to carry out day-to-day activities such as eating meals, carrying bags, opening doors and switching on lights and typing.

Individual motors in each finger allow you to precisely control the hand and grasp objects in a natural, coordinated way. Proportional speed control gives you control over delicate tasks.

The hand is available in two different sizes and with three wrist versions to suit individual requirements.

Together with Ottobock pattern recognition, the Myo Plus control gives the bebionic hand entirely new options for intuitive, natural movements without switching.

Socket Technology

Socket Technology

Amputees move best with the right socket

The socket is the load-bearing component of the prosthesis, correct socket selection is essential to provide a secure connection and assures a proper fit of the prosthesis.

Ottobock Offer a 3 day course Transfemoral Solutions - This course helps you consider the design and fitting process of a transfemoral amputee.

1459428 TF Socket

ProFlex Plus Sleeve

ProFlex Plus Sleeve

The ProFlex is one of the most widely used suspension sleeves in the world and now we have made it better!

Introducing the new ProFlex Plus sealing sleeve. Designed with a more flexible fabric and smoother proximal seam the ProFlex Plus offers a soft and supple but tough suspension sleeve. ProFlexPlus is best used with valve, DVS and Harmony suspension fittings.

ProFlex Plus is an extension of the ProFlex line and is now available in Tan, Grey and Black.


Restore your power.

The Empower prosthetic foot was specially designed for active users who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on the ability to cover longer distances and walk at a higher walking speed.

  • Mimics lost muscle function with powered propulsion at toe-off

  • Plantar flexion during rollover provides extra comfort when walking and increased stability when going down slopes

  • Reduces joint strain through increased support on the prosthetic side