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What is MyoPlus

What is Myoplus

MyoPlus is a system developed with the goal of controlling various gripping patterns and rotator functions with the user's natural senses and intuitive movements.

Since Ottobock's myoelectric prosthesis was developed in 1965, the technology has advanced year by year.
Hands that can change the position of the thumb and hands that drive five fingers have appeared. In order to master these hands, it was necessary for the user to adapt to the system, such as unnatural muscle contraction or pressing a switch.

We have developed a myoelectric system that ``matches the system to the user'' so that the user can use the myoelectric prosthesis more comfortably and naturally. This is Myoplus.

Myo Plus can be combined with Otto Bock bebionic hand, Myobock hand, and rotator.
A proportional control system for forearm electromyographic prostheses.

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Multi-electrode system

MyoPlus has 8 electrodes placed around the stump.
A typical myoelectric prosthesis has two electrodes on the stump.

By placing the electrodes around the stump, the possibilities are expanded even for those who find it difficult to separate myoelectric potentials with two electrodes.

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Authentication pattern of myoelectric potential

Each person has a different shape depending on the location of the myoelectric signal collected from the 8 electrodes. This is called an authentication pattern.
The movement of the hand and the movement of the rotator are linked to this authentication pattern.
Therefore, it is possible to operate the myoelectric prosthesis with your own senses.

In order to use different functions, it is important to separate the operations so that the authentication patterns (shapes of myoelectric signals) do not overlap.

A typical myoelectric prosthetic hand uses myoelectric signals from two stumps to control multiple movements, such as the opening and closing of the hand and the pronation and supination of the rotator.

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Myo cuff

MyoCuff is a MyoPlus experience tool. It is possible to try to adapt to Myoplus.

The Myocuff has electrodes, a MyoPlus TR and a battery. You can also connect to the app to check the authentication pattern, or connect to the hand to actually check the movement of the hand.

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