Liners in the Caleo Range

Medical white oil promotes the care of residual limbs with dry and sensitive skin

No single liner is appropriate for everyone, because residual limb characteristics differ considerably from one user to the next. That’s why we offer liners made of different materials and with various characteristics for your customised fitting.

Caleo liners are made from copolymer which is a soft, comfortable and highly elastic material. These liners have thermoplastic properties and can therefore be thermoformed and adapted to the residual limb.

Liners in the Caleo product range contain nourishing, medical grade white oil that meets the highest standards with respect to purity and compatibility. The nourishing effect of the white oil also makes the Caleo liners suitable for users who have sensitive or dry skin on their residual limb. Among other things, the excellent fit of the liners is due to the fact that the Prosthetist can warm the material during the fitting and therefore adapt it particularly well to the individual shape of the residual limb. Caleo liners are highly elastic, soft and pleasant to wear.

Caleo 3D – for active and athletic users

Active and athletic users benefit from this model, which scores points with its robust, high-quality material and excellent durability. The special knee flexion zone facilitates knee flexion and reduces pressure on the kneecap. Additional protection and targeted support are provided by the 3D design, which shields the bony structures thanks to the reinforced front (6 mm) and simultaneously offers sufficient flexibility at the rear (3 mm wall thickness). The 3D cap integrated into the lower end of the liner is soft and adapts to the residual limb circumference.

This liner is available in two versions: with a pin lock for users with lower mobility, and without a pin lock for users with an elevated to high activity level.

DVS Liner - Dynamic vacuum liner for a direct connection

A special copolymer liner was developed for the Dynamic Vacuum System. It establishes the direct connection to the Dynamic Vacuum System pump with its distal connector. A magnetic coupling occurs between the liner and the pump’s piston for this purpose. The material is exceptionally tear-proof and also protects sensitive areas of the residual limb. Its medical white oil nourishes the skin in measured doses so no oily film is left behind.