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Julius` story

Soccer is always an option. Julius loves to move a lot.

- Renate, Julius' mother -

Julius uses L300 Go playing soccer.
Julius` Story

Julius’ everyday life is versatile and sporty

Julius was born prematurely with mainly right-sided cerebral palsy. He is a very active kid who needs support when walking and running; otherwise, he often gets stuck with the tip of his foot and stumbles. He has a functional electrical stimulation device (L300 Go), which he simply wears as a cuff around his lower leg. Not only does it ensure that the tip of his foot lifts when he walks so that he no longer gets stuck or stumbles, but it also activates the leg muscles, thereby promoting venous return and improving the overall quality of the cardiovascular system. There are hardly any limits to his urge to move. Julius is thrilled that he can play soccer and go hiking. He can also wear his normal everyday shoes and does not need any special orthotic shoes. But best of all, Julius can even walk barefoot with the L300 Go system.

Orthoses for children

Support for all situations in life

Julius uses L300 Go and is playing with a ball.

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