Lower Limb Orthotics Solution Overview


The C-Brace opens up entirely new possibilities for users with its microprocessor sensor technology. Flexing under load while sitting down, navigating slopes, walking on uneven terrain, or going down stairs step over step–all this defines a new level of mobility.


People who have suffered a stroke or brain injury, or are living with conditions such as MS, or incomplete paralysis often experience drop foot which can inhibit their ability to walk. The L300 Go and L100 systems are designed to lift your foot as you walk, thus improving your gait pattern, making it smoother and safer. This device can also be used for knee instability and promotes muscle rehabilitation.

WalkOn Family

People with permanent dorsiflexor weakness depend on a medical aid that lifts their foot while walking. That is precisely what the WalkOn does. It helps lift the foot during the swing phase, so that the gait becomes safer again while the risk of stumbling and falling is reduced.

Agilium range for mild knee OA

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease worldwide. Due to our ageing population, the number of those affected is increasing. The Agilium range may help relieve pain caused by mild knee osteoarthritis.

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