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Frontal view of Ottobock socket router on dark blue background for Ottobock work.hub
Frontal view of Ottobock socket router on dark blue background for Ottobock work.hub
Boost Your Business.

Ottobock work.hub

Ottobock work.hub connects your technical workshop for optimised workflows.

What is Ottobock work.hub?

The future of orthopaedic workshops.

Ottobock work.hub is the digitisation and connection of your orthopaedic workshop.
Your machines will be connected to the cloud, giving you access to all of your equipment information and supporting you in operating and organizing your workshops across all areas and locations. Ottobock work.hub — an innovative solution that makes your work easier and your business more efficient and future-ready.


Ottobock work.hub. An advantage for you, in every sense.

Full control.

Optimises workshop management.

With Ottobock work.hub you’ll see the status of your machines at one glance. You’ll receive reminders for service and maintenance. Moreover, you’ll have direct contact to Ottobock’s customer support team. All up-to-date information about your machines will be at your fingertips.

Tablet visually connected to dust extractor displaying Ottobock work.hub system showing status overview.

Ease of business.

Makes your work easier.

Push notifications on your smartphone will keep you up to date.
That way you’ll stay on top of all relevant information concerning your work in progress, for example that your infrared oven has finished heating the material. Machine downtime will be minimised, preventing unnecessary waiting time.

Close-up of the circular blue and white Ottobock work.hub logo.

Digital world.

Secures your future.

Ottobock work.hub increases your attractiveness as an employer. You’ll stay relevant for digitally minded staff, who value an innovative working environment. Ottobock work.hub is easily expandable: for more machines and more functionalities. For a secure and successful future.

Bright orthopedic workshop with female employee holding a tablet to connect with
machines via Ottobock work.hub.
Product overview

A selection of the Ottobock work.hub product portfolio:

Side image of Ottobock socket router on dark blue background for Ottobock work.hub.

Socket Routers


Starting with Ottobock work.hub. Step by step.

  1. Register your business with my.ottobock. Then invite team members to create a my.ottobock account so they can connect with your company. After successful registration, you can then map out all of your locations and areas on the Ottobock work.hub and assign the respective employees.
  2. Bring the Ottobock work.hub gateway online by connecting to your company or mobile network. The gateway will then create its own Ottobock work. hub network, to which your machines will be connected.
  3. You can add Ottobock work.hub enabled machines to the application at any time and connect them to the cloud.
Example of use

Ottobock work.hub.

Take a look at how Ottobock work.hub transforms your day-to-day workflows.


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