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701E41 - Machinery

Infrared heating cabinet for sheet materials

Heat plastics in a manner appropriate for the material – quickly, evenly and energy-efficiently.

All advantages of the top models 701E40=WS/ 701E40=S are combined here with a slightly modified material cart design: The work surface of this oven can be removed effortlessly.

All advantages of the top models 701E40=WS/ 701E40=S are combined here with a slightly modified material cart design: The work surface of this oven can be removed effortlessly.

The extendible material cart has a large Teflon-coated work surface. If plastics are heated in a vacuum forming frame, the plate can be removed in one easy step. 3 different vacuum forming frame sizes can be used. The advantage: The plastic sheets are always located in the perfect position for starting the heating process.

Voltage3x400 V
Performance8,5 kW
Weight337 kg
All specifications

All benefits at a glance

  • Sensor for exact measurement of the material sag depth with acoustic and optical signal (only for models 701E40=S, 701E41=S and 701E44=S)

  • Removable support plate

  • Three different vacuum forming frame sizes can be used

  • State-of-the-art infrared quartz tubes with single reflectors ensure an even heating

  • Optical temperature sensor permits continuous monitoring of the material surface temperature

All benefits at a glance

  • Simple operation via a central element with temperature setpoint entry and timer function

  • Storage function for user-defined heating processes

  • Graphical progress indicator for monitoring

  • Heat insulated housing enclosed on all sides

  • Space-saving sliding door

  • Stainless steel front panel with 3 viewing windows

Infrared ovens are the first choice when plastics need to be heated in the orthopaedic workshop.

The way they work makes the difference: In conventional convection ovens an object is heated by absorbing ambient heat in a closed compartment. In contrast, the heat in an infrared oven is generated in the form of electromagnetic waves absorbed by the material directly. This has many advantages: Higher speed, greater productivity and a significantly greater energy efficiency are the result.

Heat more quickly – consume less energy

An Ottobock infrared oven heats plastics in a very short time. A 4 mm thick polypropylene sheet can be heated in just 4 to 6 minutes. Infrared ovens do not need to be pre-heated – the radiant heat is fully available in an instant. This significantly reduces energy consumption in the orthopaedic workshop.


Product information

Performance8,5 kW
Weight337 kg
Voltage3x400 V

Product Data

Article number701E41=WS
VersionMaterial cart without rotation function consisting of working frame with loose support plate for switching between sheet materials and vacuum formed sockets, without sensor
  • Stainless steel housing front and interior

  • Housing closed on the bottom

  • Vertically opening sliding door with dual gas compression spring support and double-glazed viewing window

  • Interior lighting 2 x 25W illuminants

  • Opto-electronic IR-measuring head for measuring the material surface temperature

  • PID controller, temperature continuously variable from 30°C to 250°C

  • Temperature display with nominal and actual values

  • Heating process record with graphical gradient display

  • PLC with touch panel

  • Programmable timer function

  • Multilingual user interface

Electrical connection in V/Hz/kW3 x 400 N/PE / 50–60 / 8.5
Infrared radiatorPanel heating with 18 infrared quartz tubes, with individual reflectors

Steel, Stainless steel

Size (W x D x H)1.600 mm x 1.270 mm x 1.430 mm
Inside width1,300 mm
Inside depth1,090 mm
Inside height500 mm
Interior volume709 l
Weight337 kg