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Innovative prostheses for people with disabilities

Woman dances with her prosthesis
Woman dances with her prosthesis
Woman dances with her prosthesis

Closed loop for optimum treatment

We take a holistic approach to treatment so people can enjoy the best possible quality of life.
From the initial consultation through to taking measurements,
fitting the device and rehabilitation – we offer guidance and support,
and develop custom solutions.


Mobility is the key to a self-determined life - for people of all ages. For almost 100 years, we have been working to give people with disabilities the highest level of quality of life. Valuable feedback from the everyday practice of our users helps our product developers to look at the world through their eyes.

Kenya Robert city


Our goal is to relieve movement pain and restrictions, to achieve a correction of deformities and to effectively support the healing process. Especially orthoses and bandages have proven themselves for this.

Nigeria stroke patient


Ottobock Human Mobility products include a diverse range of manual and electric wheelchairs, children's wheelchairs and rehabuggies as well as seating and positioning solutions. In this way, the independence and mobility of people with a handicap can be supported and promoted. Thanks to many years of experience, Ottobock offers individual solutions to master everyday life with joy, mobility and quality of life.

Wheelchair user South Africa

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