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480F160~50_C - Active use wheelchairs

Avantgarde 4 product range

Impressive lightness

Every wheelchair user has individual needs and challenges in their everyday lives. With more than 2.4 million configuration possibilities, the appeal of the Avantgarde lies in its incredible diversity and flexibility – combined with proven Ottobock quality. For everything from structured everyday routines to recreational activities or travel to remote countries – this wheelchair for active use adapts to the user, not the other way around. The product range consists of several models, all of them made in Germany.

Max. body weight180 kg
ActivitiesDaily use, Rehab
User groupadults, women, men, youths
All specifications
Benefits at a glance
Wheelchair users during therapy in Ottobock wheelchairs for active use in a Patient Care clinic.
Selection of models

The Avantgarde line consists of two main models – the DV (dynamic variable) and DS (dynamic sporty). They are the all-round products. Building on this, the front frame of the DF (dynamic and functional) variant can be adjusted in numerous ways, making it particularly attractive for initial fittings. Then there is the XXL 2 variant with a robust frame for a higher load capacity. 

Avantgarde DS wheelchair for active use
Focus on lightness

For anyone who finds that lightweight still isn’t light enough, the additional option of a CLT package offers an ultralight version of the Avantgarde. More weight can be saved here thanks to a single CLT crossbrace, permanently welded components such as drive wheel adapters and push handles, the lighter seat and back support upholstery, carbon side panels and Infinity Ultralight rims. 

Wheelchair user Svenja loads her Avantgarde DS into her car.
A wheelchair that loves to travel

With a folding size of just 27 centimetres, the wheelchair is compact for transportation. 

Detail view of the Ottobock Avantgarde
Lower weight with a high load capacity

The single crossbrace results in a significantly lower weight with a high load capacity of 100 kg. A classic double crossbrace with a load capacity of up to 140 kg is available as an alternative

Back bag on Ottobock wheelchair
Numerous options

The Avantgarde models are among the most versatile wheelchairs in the Ottobock wheelchair portfolio. Numerous options are available for selection, such as frame colours, side panels, handrims and push handles. Have fun configuring!

User Experience

Svenja sets off in the Avantgarde

“Everything’s going pretty well for me at the moment,” Svenja beams, and you can believe every word she says. It’s been five years since the young woman from Bavaria was involved in a serious traffic accident in her hometown. She was 19 years old at the time and had just completed a training course. Svenja was cycling to work, just as she often did when the weather was nice. The lorry driver didn’t even see her as he turned a corner. It quickly became clear that Svenja would need to use a wheelchair from then on. “I got used to the wheelchair very quickly, because for me the device was the surest way back to an independent life,” Svenja adds. Today, my Avantgarde and I are a good team. It goes everywhere in the car with me and is ready to use in no time when I reach my destination. Having a lightweight wheelchair that’s easy to use is a great help, especially now that I’m often travelling back and forth between two states.”
Svenja fell in love and moved from Bavaria to Baden-Württemberg. She and her partner André – and this is important to Svenja – share all of the housework. She’s also discovered wheelchair basketball in her new home in Heidelberg, where she plays at the regional league level. But Svenja’s life in Heidelberg doesn’t just revolve around sports and housework, of course. She loves animals, so whenever she goes out – her destination often being a nearby stud farm – she is accompanied not only by her partner André but also by their Australian Shepherd, Barney.
Svenja also likes to travel down and spend weekends with her family in Bavaria. She’s still grateful to her parents and old friends for their incredible support after her accident. “It’s thanks to the support of so many lovely people,” she says, “that I’m able to live such an independent life with my Avantgarde today.”

Active life despite muscular dystrophy

Enes has had Emery–Dreifuss muscular dystrophy, a muscular disorder, ever since he was a small child. Despite this – or maybe because of it – he’s a fighter, and every day he’s eager to prove just how much he can still achieve. His family supports him staunchly and gives him strength. They’re close-knit and are always there for each other.

Enes sometimes comes across as shy, but he’s actually a very courageous and inquisitive character. “I laugh a lot, I love music and I’m always trying out new things. When I was a child, I always wanted to be famous.”

Even as a wheelchair user, Enes leads a very active life. He does regular workouts and enjoys nothing more than playing wheelchair football. He’s grateful for his wheelchair because he sometimes tires easily due to his muscle weakness. The variant of the Avantgarde DF with swing-away leg supports has the flexibility to continually adapt to his changing requirements depending on the disease progression, giving Enes the support he needs. Despite his limitations, Enes dreams of travelling to distant countries. “I’d love to travel to the US one day; that’s been my dream ever since I was a child,” he says.

Living life to the fullest

Wanda was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2006. The disease was unexpected for the mother of two, but it didn’t upend her life. “You have to accept the facts and learn to live with them!” In summer 2018 she also developed spasticity and had cortisone treatment for this again in February 2019, followed by another switch in medication shortly thereafter. But Wanda is not giving up. Her family, her garden and origami are her passions. “Origami is the perfect link between an artistic activity and MS therapy. Folding the paper so precisely hones fine motor skills. This has a positive effect on cognitive performance.” Daily gardening work with her husband Dietrich offers a balance between physical and mental activities. Wanda’s life circumstances have allowed her to be quite active so far. But in recent years it has become more and more difficult to take part in trips, therapy or other activities without assistance from others. “On longer walks, there aren’t usually many suitable places to sit down.”
Wanda’s first device was an anterior walker. This was helpful on longer walks but was less suitable in the garden or indoors. In the course of her research, she discovered the Avantgarde DV. Because the strength in the hands and arms is often lost first, the weight of the wheelchair plays a crucial role. The lightest version of the Avantgarde DV weighs just 8.7 kg. This makes the wheelchair manoeuvrable and easy to drive. With a maximum load of up to 140 kg, this all-round wheelchair is especially suitable for diseases that lead to weight gain. “I’m happy that I did research on the available devices early on and wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is affected to do the same. I am still feeling fit, and learning to drive a wheelchair was a lot of fun. My husband even built a special training track for me. The Avantgarde DV is my perfect everyday device and will be for a long time to come, because it can be adapted to many different requirements.”

Wolfgang leaves nothing to chance

When you get to know Wolfgang better, you can see that he’s a man who has found his equilibrium. A husband, banker and homeowner, he also serves as the chairperson of a wheelchair sports association in Munich during his spare time. Formerly an active player himself, he now manages the association largely from the office. “When I was 17, I had an operation. It went wrong – so when I returned to my secondary school, it was in a wheelchair,” Wolfgang says. “Even though there was still a lot of bias in the way people treated wheelchair users at the time, I can’t recall any traumatic experiences from my school days. The headmaster did away with any possible reservations straightaway by appointing some fellow students to take turns accompanying me to the classrooms, gymnasium and schoolyard. Since the building wasn’t wheelchair-accessible, this basically meant that they also had to carry me and my wheelchair over the steps.”
As one of five siblings, Wolfgang had no cause to complain about a lack of support at home, either.  His final secondary school examination and a banking apprenticeship followed.  The only thing missing in Wolfgang’s day-to-day life then was sports. His involvement in the wheelchair sports association offers a welcome change to his office work at the financial institution. Today Wolfgang is 54 years old and a firm fixture in his association as its chairman and a former active member. The variable Avantgarde DV supports Wolfgang’s extremely varied life in all respects.


Product information

Max. body weight180 kg
ActivitiesDaily use, Rehab
User groupadults, women, men, youths
ColorGrey, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, White, Brown, Red
Frame materialAluminium
Max. load140
Product typeManual wheelchairs

Product Data

Article number480F45=50000_K480F160=0_AA06_C480F160=0_AA07_C
DescriptionAvantgarde XXL2Avantgarde DF-SAvantgarde DF Version V
Seat width460 - 620 mm320 - 520 mm320 - 520 mm
Seat heightFront: 460 - 530; rear: 410 - 530 mmFront: 380 – 540; rear: 360 – 510 mmFront: 380 – 540; rear: 360 – 510 mm
Seat depth400 - 560 mm360 - 540 mm360 - 540 mm
Overall length790 - 1140 mm720 - 1135 mm720 - 1135 mm
Overall width695 - 850 mm490 - 725 mm490 - 725 mm
Overall height700 - 1035 mm580 - 1,100 mm580 - 1,100 mm
Folding size (LxWxH)320 mm260 mm260 mm
Back height250 - 500 mm250 - 550 mm250 - 550 mm
Lower leg length320 - 510 mm160 - 550 mm160 - 550 mm
Front frame angle75 °70 - 80 °75 °
Total weightca. 17 kg8.7 kg9.7 kg
Max. load180 kg140 kg140 kg


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