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13E520 - Accessoires

Myo Plus TR

Une nouvelle conception de la commande de la prothèse
Groupe d'utilisateursFemmes, Adolescents, Hommes, Adultes, Seniors
Gamme de produitsSystème prothétique MyoBock pour adultes
Toutes les spécifications
Aperçu des avantages
A Myo Plus user feeding a calf. He is wearing the bebionic Skin Silicone glove over the bebionic hand.
More intuitive and natural control

Myo Plus makes it possible to utilise the prosthesis control functions in a unique and entirely natural manner. It therefore allows the user to intuitively utilise their remaining capabilities.

A Myo Plus user shows motifs on a flip chart to a colleague.
Fluid movements without switching

Myo Plus permits a flowing transition between the individual prosthesis movements. Significantly less concentration is required as a result, and the user can control the hand prosthesis effortlessly.

A user with Myo Plus pattern recognition reaches for a slice of bread at a beer garden.
Add additional hand movements yourself

Myo Plus permits the user to continuously adapt control of their prosthesis to individual needs. With the bebionic hand, it is possible to add new hand movements.

A Myo Plus user wearing the bebionic hand in black uses the Myo Plus app on a tablet.
Myo Plus app

The Myo Plus app lets you easily use and configure your hand prosthesis. It serves as a “window into the prosthesis” and visualizes muscle activities in the residual limb through the spiderplot.

A Myo Plus users switches from the bebionic hand to the Electric Greifer for manual tasks.
Easily exchange terminal devices

Aside from the bebionic hand, Myo Plus control is compatible with other MyoBock terminal devices such as the Electric Greifer. This allows users to choose a solution that is optimally adapted to their activities.

A Myo Plus user passes a muffin to a toddler using her prosthetic hand.
A learning control device

Myo Plus prosthesis control is adaptive and learns individual commands directly from the user of the artificial hand. Training the movement patterns is straightforward and can be visualised via the Myo Plus app.

Expérience utilisateur

Myo Plus – Wolfgang’s story

Wolfgang is a farmer in Germany who lost his right hand in an accident at work. The idea of not wearing a prosthesis was out of the question. Wolfgang therefore uses Myo Plus pattern recognition and switches between his bebionic hand, the VariPlus Speed hand or the System Electric Greifer depending on the situation.

Lina with the bebionic hand

At 17, Lina had her right hand and parts of her forearm amputated as a result of a tumour. At first she was shocked, but thanks to the early care she received from her orthopaedic technician, she quickly regained her courage.


Myo Plus pattern recognition

Individuals who have been affected by an amputation or a congenital malformation can still imagine closing their hand or rotating it outwards. This activates the remaining muscles in the residual limb. However, the corresponding organ that would carry out the hand movement is missing.

Myo Plus App

The Myo Plus App is the central interface between user and prosthesis control.

  • Visualization of individual movement patterns via the spider plot
  • Adapt control by recording additional patterns in everyday life and expand it with additional grips
  • Track which prosthesis movement has just been detected
  • Fine-tune parameters and turn functions on or off
  • Available free of charge in the Apple or Google Store

Phantom hand imagination

After an amputation, there is still a certain imagination of the hand - also called phantom hand. The movements that can be performed mentally are called phantom hand movements. These generate muscle signals in the forearm that are interpreted by Myo Plus.
The better the phantom hand imagination, the more reliably the prosthesis can be controlled and the greater the choice of possible grip types.
Your orthopaedic technician has further information on this or visit our online course @home training for future prosthetic control. 

Testing with the Myo Plus Cuff

The Myo Cuff and the Myo Plus App make it easy and flexible to evaluate and train. The Myo Cuff already includes all necessary components and can optionally be connected to a demo prosthesis to allow a realistic experience of different hand prosthesis types and their functionalities.


Informations produit

Groupe d'utilisateursFemmes, Adolescents, Hommes, Adultes, Seniors
Gamme de produitsSystème prothétique MyoBock pour adultes
Famille de produitsAccessoires Myo



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