Potvrdite svoju lokaciju

Potvrdite svoju lokaciju ili odaberite s popisa zemalja kako biste stupili u kontakt s poduzećem Ottobock na lokalnom tržištu. Pobrinut ćemo se za to da ubuduće budete proslijeđeni na stranicu koju ste odabrali kako biste uvijek bili na pravom mjestu.


Nowadays, even people who use prostheses or wheelchairs can engage in a wide range of sports. Most sports for people with disabilities are closely based on their conventional counterparts. As a result, many such sports are played in the same manner and with the same rules. A large number of sports clubs even offer inclusive sports programmes in which people can participate regardless of their type of disability.

Not every activity is suitable for everyone, of course – but when it comes to choosing your sport, restricted mobility is playing an increasingly minimal role. This is due in part to the huge technological advances in sports equipment. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from this.

On the following pages, you will find an overview of team sports and individual sports as well as ways for children with disabilities to develop a love of movement through sports. Regardless of whether you use a prosthesis, a wheelchair or some other device, there’s definitely at least one sport out there which is perfect for you and worth giving a try!

Sportski proizvodi

Bilo da ste tek krenuli s treninzima ili ste osvajač zlatne medalje na paraolimpijskim igrama - naši proizvodi imaju za cilj učiniti vas bržim, sretnijim i okretnijim.