Orthotic Upper Limb Solution Overview

Omo Neurexa plus

The Omo Neurexa plus corrects the alignment of the humerus head with the joint socket and therefore alleviates the cause of the pain. It helps stabilise the shoulder and position it correctly again. The Omo Neurexa plus provides noticeable relief, alleviates pain and leads to a better overall body posture.

Smartspine Spinal Braces

The Smartspine range has been developed to effectively treat a broad range of neck and back problems from non-specific lower back pain to post-operative care. They are easy to put on and take off using a one-handed pulley system that provides smooth, symmetrical compression to treat and relieve your condition.

Thumb braces

Our thumb performs an incredible range of tasks. If it is injured, things become difficult. You should therefore wear a stabilising brace (support) if your thumb is injured or impaired. It helps protect the thumb and provides security.

Wrist and Thumb Orthoses

Do you have pain in your wrist or thumb? Are you affected by a tendon disorder or a sports injury? An orthosis can help relieve pain and support the healing process in such cases. We offer a variety of orthoses depending on the injury or symptoms.


Arm and shoulder joint orthoses


If someone has restricted mobility in their arms and shoulders, it’s important to relieve or immobilise the area in question. Ottobock arm and shoulder joint orthoses are specially designed to support the affected joints and relieve pain.


Hand orthoses


Ottobock hand orthoses effectively stabilise the joints and support the healing process – whether they are used for joint illnesses or injuries. They can also be used to treat neurological disorders. Find out more here!


Cervical spine and back orthoses


Flexible cervical spine and back orthoses perform a variety of functions and are ideal for people with back pain or illnesses that affect the spinal column. They relieve strain and help the wearer to maintain a good posture, which in turn reduces pain.

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