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1E91 - Foot prosthetics


Set the pace.

The Runner was designed for everyone who wants to use the same running blade that even elite athletes use. From relaxed jogging along forest trails to powerful sprints – the Runner is ideal for recreational and competitive sport. The running blade delivers a high level of propulsion for running with a dynamic response that can be adjusted to the individual needs of the athlete. Thanks to its ease of use, it is also suitable for recreational athletes who have less running experience and training. At the same time, it offers excellent performance for professional athletes.

It’s more than a prosthetic foot. It’s a foundation.

Product typeMechanic
Max. body weight104 kg
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Runner – strong and resilient

Heinrich Popow – a professional athlete
For recreation or at a competitive level

You can take full advantage of your personal performance potential with the Runner. Whether you are active only in your free time or participate in running sports at a competitive level, the running blade offers you excellent performance while jogging and sprinting.

Running Clinics for beginners
A running blade for beginners

Thanks to its ease of use, the Runner is suitable for you even if you have little running experience or training and want to start with jogging.

Leon goes on a relaxed jog
Adaptable to individual needs

The Runner is characterised by a resilient, lightweight carbon spring that delivers a high level of propulsion for running. The dynamic response and spring stiffness can be adapted to your individual needs and your personal fitness level. 

Attractive design
Attractive design

The back of the running blade with its appealing design is a real eye-catcher.

Ottobock foot options
More than a foot. A foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes a difference in the success of your treatment. Learn more about prosthetic feet in general and our other foot options here.

Runner and Runner junior for children
Runner junior also for children

The Runner junior is suitable for active children who love sports, up to the age of about 13 years. In addition to participation in physical education, the Runner junior supports age-appropriate development and allows children to experience the joy of movement in their social environment.

User Experience

Light as a feather at the start


It’s 5:30 am, and your alarm buzzes loudly. You roll out of bed – no snooze button, no grumbling. Because outside, the world is waiting for you: the first rays of sunlight, the breeze in your face, the undiscovered turning in the road. Like Léon, you are and will always be a runner. And runners never stand still.


Whether you’re a newcomer, amateur or Paralympic gold medal winner: with our Runner prosthetic sports foot, we aim to make not just Paralympic athletes like Heinrich and Léon faster, happier and more agile but you too!


Product information

Product typeMechanic
Max. body weight104 kg
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation, Transtibial amputation
User groupadults
Moisture resistanceIP67 (weatherproof)

Product Data

Area of applicationJogging and sprints
Max. body weight104 kg
Weight460 - 585 g
Build height30 cm
Build height, under load27 cm



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An amputation doesn’t have to mean the end of an athletic career. Both Paralympic and recreational athletes with prostheses demonstrate this every day. Ottobock has developed a carbon sports foot especially for their needs which already has a proven track record at international and Paralympic competitions. The foot’s outstanding performance characteristics come thanks to the carbon spring, which provides high propulsion and low resistance. The Sprinter stands out for its low weight and is suitable for people with transfemoral as well as transtibial amputations.
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