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28XP1000 - Full body

Exopulse Mollii Suit

Helps reduce spasticity and muscles activation

The first near full-body neuromodulation suit relaxing spastic and tense muscles, activating weak muscles, and may help with relieving related pain:

The first near full-body neuromodulation suit relaxing spastic and tense muscles, activating weak muscles, and may help with relieving related pain:

The Exopulse Mollii Suit fundamentally changes the treatment field of neurological disorders and related symptoms. It is a neuromodulation suit that makes use of a physiological reflex mechanism called reciprocal inhibition: By sending an electrical signal to an antagonistic muscle, the spastic muscle subsequently relaxes. The combined effect of relaxing tense muscles and enabling the activation of weak muscles allows its users to enjoy a more active and less painful daily life. It is a personal assistive medical device which is used for low-energy near full body electrical stimulation, reducing the typical symptoms associated with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke or spinal cord injuries.

IndicationsStroke, Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Fibrolmyalgia
User groupchildren, youths, adults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Exopulse Mollii Suit – Intended for spasticity reduction, weak muscle activation and related pain relief

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Léa sitting on the floor
Regular relief

The Suit keeps you in control of your symptoms. Put on the jacket and pants every other day, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Léa at the desk
Personalized approach

The Suit features 58 embedded electrodes that can deliver relief anywhere it’s needed. The near full-body stimulation pattern can be customized to your body’s unique needs.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Léa in the kitchen
Get back to your life

After training and personalization, most users can start using the Suit at home.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Michele sitting in his wheelchair
Results in 60 minutes

The Suit is designed to deliver rapid relief. It uses gentle, barely perceptible pulses to release tense muscles, reactivate weak ones, and restore the body’s natural mobility. All in just an hour.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Michele with his mother
Drug- and surgery-free

With the Suit, you can manage spasticity without medications and their side effects, or procedures and their recovery time. It can be used in combination with physical therapy, exercise, or physical activity.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Michele sitting in his wheelchair

The Suit is made up of two pieces of clothing, a jacket and a pair of pants. They come in a range of sizes for both children and adults.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Louisa listening to music
Available sizes

The Suit comes in 37 sizes, starting from 2-3 years of age and children’s wide-sizes, up to 5XL men and women.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Michele hugging his friend
Comfortable fabric and fit

The jacket and pants are easy for users to put on and wear. They’re made from sturdy, breathable synthetic fabric and contain no animal products or fibers.

Exopulse Mollii Suit: Louisa dancing
Ready to wash

Both garments (without the control unit) can be cleaned up to 25 times in a home washer, or regularly cleaned in a steam cabinet.

User Experience

Meet Louisa and Michele and learn how using the Exopulse Mollii Suit has changed their lives.

Louisa's story

In the years that Louisa has struggled with MS, she’s seen many of its “thousand faces.” But when spasticity started to affect her mobility, she soon began to wonder how much of her life she’d still be able to live. She struggled to walk, write, and climb the steps to her university library – until she discovered the Exopulse Mollii Suit. With the help of this new device – which she proudly calls her “Superhero Suit” – Louisa was finally able to break free from her MS-related spasticity symptoms. Now, she’s rediscovering who she really is: not just someone struggling with MS, but a vibrant young person with her whole life ahead of her. Her new superpower: feeling like everything’s possible again.

*The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented in the videos are only applicable to the individuals depicted. The testimonials are not representative of all patients’ experience. The exact results and experience will be unique and individual to each patient. The users depicted in the videos received compensation for the time spent filming with Ottobock.

Michele's story

Michele was close to finishing a university degree when his symptoms of dystonic tetraparesis began to worsen. Soon, he found himself struggling to move, walk, and stay connected with his friends, family, and community. He knew it was time for a new approach to managing his condition. His family found the perfect graduation gift: the Exopulse Mollii Suit. Michele felt almost immediate relief and never looked back. Today, even dystonic tetraparesis is no match for the confidence, energy, and positivity that the Suit helps him sustain. His new superpower: hugging his loved ones again!

The technology behind it

Spasticity and your muscles

The muscles in your body are grouped in ways that help them balance, control, and counteract each other’s movements. Spasticity disrupts the way these groups work together. It both tightens affected muscles while weakening others, often immobilizing the whole group. The Exopulse Mollii Suit is designed to restore the normal, healthy balance of muscle groups throughout the body. It does so using a well-known technique called “neuromodulation”: a method that helps the body move more freely by changing (or “modulating”) the way muscle nerves behave.

Neuromodulation with the Suit

Neuromodulation is a technology that acts directly upon nerves with the purpose of producing a natural biological response. It is the alteration – or modulation – of nerve activity by delivering electrical agents directly to a target area.


There are several different forms of neuromodulation. The Suit uses one based on gently stimulating affected muscle groups with electrical signals. This approach has been shown to help reset muscle signals disrupted by spasticity and resync muscle groups that may have stopped working together the way they should.

Embedded in the Suit are 58 electrodes that send gentle, barely perceptible pulses to both tense, spastic muscles and the weakened muscles that usually counterbalance them. These pulses both release the tense muscles and reactivate the weak ones, restoring the group’s natural balance and helping the body once more move the way it should.

Product information

IndicationsStroke, Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Fibrolmyalgia
User groupchildren, youths, adults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)

Product Data

Article numberDescriptionStandard sizingChest circumferenceWaist circumferenceWaist circumference (relaxed)Hip circumferenceBack support lengthbicep circumferenceWrist circumferenceKnee center circumferenceAnkle circumferenceSleeve lengthStride length
28XP2=104Exopulse jacket kids10445,0 cm48,0 cm45,5 cm36,7 cm22,0 cm11,0 cm29,5 cm
28XP2=110Exopulse jacket kids11047,0 cm49,5 cm47,5 cm38,1 cm22,7 cm11,5 cm31,5 cm
28XP2=116Exopulse jacket kids11649,0 cm51,0 cm49,5 cm39,5 cm23,4 cm11,5 cm34,0 cm
28XP2=122Exopulse jacket kids12250,0 cm52,0 cm51,5 cm40,9 cm24,1 cm12,0 cm36,0 cm
28XP2=128Exopulse jacket kids12851,0 cm53,0 cm53,5 cm42,3 cm24,8 cm12,0 cm38,5 cm
28XP2=134Exopulse jacket kids13453,0 cm54,5 cm55,5 cm43,7 cm25,5 cm12,0 cm40,5 cm
28XP2=140Exopulse jacket kids14056,5 cm57,0 cm59,0 cm45,6 cm26,3 cm12,5 cm42,5 cm
28XP2=146Exopulse jacket kids14660,0 cm60,0 cm63,0 cm47,5 cm27,1 cm12,5 cm44,6 cm
28XP2=152Exopulse jacket kids15264,0 cm63,0 cm66,6 cm49,4 cm27,9 cm13,0 cm46,5 cm
28XP3=104Exopulse pants children10444,0 cm38,0 cm44,0 cm18,0 cmcm28,0 cm
28XP3=110Exopulse pants children11045,5 cm40,5 cm46,0 cm18,8 cmcm30,0 cm
28XP3=116Exopulse pants children11644,0 cm41,5 cm48,0 cm19,6 cmcm28,0 cm
28XP3=122Exopulse pants children12245,0 cm42,5 cm49,5 cm20,4 cmcm30,0 cm
28XP3=128Exopulse pants children12846,0 cm43,5 cm51,5 cm21,2 cmcm31,0 cm
28XP3=134Exopulse pants children13447,0 cm44,5 cm53,0 cm22,0 cmcm33,0 cm
28XP3=140Exopulse pants children14049,0 cm46,5 cm56,5 cm22,8 cmcm35,0 cm
28XP3=146Exopulse pants children14651,5 cm49,0 cm59,5 cm23,6 cmcm37,0 cm
28XP3=152Exopulse pants children15253,5 cm51,0 cm62,5 cm24,4 cmcm39,0 cm
28XP4=104Exopulse jacket children wide10450,5 cm53,0 cm50,8 cm37,0 cm23,2 cm11,7 cm29,5 cm
28XP4=110Exopulse jacket children wide11052,5 cm54,5 cm52,8 cm38,4 cm24,0 cm11,9 cm31,5 cm
28XP4=116Exopulse jacket children wide11654,5 cm56,0 cm54,8 cm39,8 cm24,8 cm12,1 cm34,0 cm
28XP4=122Exopulse jacket children wide12255,5 cm57,0 cm56,8 cm41,2 cm25,3 cm12,3 cm36,0 cm
28XP4=128Exopulse jacket children wide12856,6 cm58,0 cm58,8 cm42,6 cm25,9 cm12,5 cm38,5 cm
28XP4=134Exopulse jacket children wide13458,5 cm59,5 cm60,8 cm44,0 cm26,7 cm12,8 cm40,5 cm
28XP4=140Exopulse jacket children wide14062,0 cm62,0 cm64,4 cm45,9 cm28,2 cm13,0 cm42,5 cm
28XP4=146Exopulse jacket children wide14665,5 cm65,0 cm68,0 cm47,8 cm29,7 cm13,2 cm44,5 cm
28XP4=152Exopulse jacket children wide15269,5 cm68,0 cm71,6 cm49,7 cm31,2 cm13,4 cm46,5 cm
28XP5=104Exopulse pants children wide10447,7 cm41,7 cm48,5 cm19,6 cmcm28,0 cm
28XP5=110Exopulse pants children wide11049,2 cm44,2 cm50,5 cm20,4 cmcm30,0 cm
28XP5=116Exopulse pants children wide11647,7 cm45,2 cm52,5 cm21,2 cmcm28,0 cm
28XP5=122Exopulse pants children wide12248,7 cm46,2 cm54,0 cm22,0 cmcm30,0 cm
28XP5=128Exopulse pants children wide12849,7 cm47,2 cm56,0 cm22,8 cmcm31,0 cm
28XP5=134Exopulse pants children wide13450,7 cm48,2 cm57,5 cm23,6 cmcm33,0 cm
28XP5=140Exopulse pants children wide14052,7 cm50,2 cm61,0 cm24,4 cmcm35,0 cm
28XP5=146Exopulse pants children wide14655,2 cm52,7 cm64,0 cm25,2 cmcm37,0 cm
28XP5=152Exopulse pants children wide15257,2 cm54,7 cm67,0 cm26,0 cmcm39,0 cm
28XP6=XSExopulse jacket womenXS67,0 cm57,5 cm61,5 cm52,5 cm30,0 cm12,0 cm49,5 cm
28XP6=SExopulse jacket womenS73,0 cm63,5 cm67,5 cm54,5 cm32,0 cm13,0 cm52,0 cm
28XP6=MExopulse jacket womenM79,0 cm69,5 cm73,5 cm56,5 cm34,0 cm14,0 cm54,5 cm
28XP6=LExopulse jacket womenL85,6 cm76,1 cm80,1 cm58,5 cm36,0 cm14,5 cm57,0 cm
28XP6=XLExopulse jacket womenXL92,2 cm82,7 cm86,7 cm60,5 cm38,0 cm15,0 cm59,0 cm
28XP6=XXLExopulse jacket womenXXL98,8 cm89,3 cm93,3 cm62,5 cm40,0 cm16,0 cm61,0 cm
28XP6=XXXLExopulse jacket womenXXXL105,4 cm95,9 cm99,9 cm64,5 cm41,0 cm16,5 cm64,0 cm
28XP6=XXXXLExopulse jacket womenXXXXL112,0 cm102,5 cm106,5 cm65,5 cm43,0 cm17,0 cm65,0 cm
28XP6=XXXXXLExopulse jacket womenXXXXXL118,6 cm109,1 cm113,1 cm66,5 cm45,0 cm18,0 cm66,0 cm
28XP7=XSExopulse pants womenXS49,0 cm46,0 cm65,0 cm23,2 cm15,5 cm62,0 cm
28XP7=SExopulse pants womenS55,0 cm52,0 cm71,0 cm24,8 cm16,5 cm64,0 cm
28XP7=MExopulse pants womenM61,0 cm58,0 cm77,0 cm26,4 cm17,5 cm65,5 cm
28XP7=LExopulse pants womenL67,0 cm64,0 cm83,0 cm28,0 cm18,5 cm68,0 cm
28XP7=XLExopulse pants womenXL73,0 cm70,0 cm89,0 cm29,9 cm19,5 cm69,0 cm
28XP7=XXLExopulse pants womenXXL79,0 cm76,0 cm95,0 cm31,8 cm20,5 cm71,0 cm
28XP7=XXXLExopulse pants womenXXXL85,0 cm82,0 cm102,0 cm33,7 cm21,5 cm73,0 cm
28XP7=XXXXLExopulse pants womenXXXXL91,0 cm88,0 cm108,0 cm35,3 cm22,5 cm74,0 cm
28XP7=XXXXXLExopulse pants womenXXXXXL97,0 cm94,0 cm114,0 cm36,9 cm23,5 cm75,0 cm
28XP8=XSExopulse jacket menXS73,0 cm63,5 cm65,0 cm55,5 cm33,0 cm13,0 cm52,2 cm
28XP8=SExopulse jacket menS79,0 cm69,5 cm71,0 cm57,5 cm35,0 cm14,0 cm54,6 cm
28XP8=MExopulse jacket menM85,0 cm75,5 cm77,0 cm59,5 cm37,0 cm15,0 cm57,0 cm
28XP8=LExopulse jacket menL91,6 cm82,1 cm83,6 cm61,5 cm39,0 cm15,5 cm59,4 cm
28XP8=XLExopulse jacket menXL98,2 cm88,7 cm90,2 cm63,5 cm41,0 cm16,0 cm61,8 cm
28XP8=XXLExopulse jacket menXXL104,8 cm95,3 cm96,8 cm65,5 cm43,0 cm17,0 cm64,2 cm
28XP8=XXXLExopulse jacket menXXXL111,4 cm101,9 cm103,4 cm67,5 cm44,0 cm17,5 cm66,6 cm
28XP8=XXXXLExopulse jacket menXXXXL118,0 cm108,5 cm110,0 cm68,5 cm46,0 cm18,0 cm69,0 cm
28XP8=XXXXXLExopulse jacket menXXXXXL124,6 cm115,1 cm116,6 cm69,5 cm48,0 cm19,0 cm71,4 cm
28XP9=XSExopulse pants menXS56,0 cm53,0 cm69,0 cm23,5 cm17,0 cm69,0 cm
28XP9=SExopulse pants menS62,0 cm59,0 cm75,0 cm25,0 cm18,0 cm70,0 cm
28XP9=MExopulse pants menM68,0 cm65,0 cm81,0 cm26,5 cm19,0 cm72,5 cm
28XP9=LExopulse pants menL74,0 cm71,0 cm87,0 cm28,0 cm20,0 cm74,0 cm
28XP9=XLExopulse pants menXL80,0 cm77,0 cm93,0 cm30,0 cm21,0 cm76,0 cm
28XP9=XXLExopulse pants menXXL86,0 cm83,0 cm99,0 cm31,0 cm22,0 cm78,0 cm
28XP9=XXXLExopulse pants menXXXL92,0 cm89,0 cm106,0 cm33,0 cm23,0 cm80,0 cm
28XP9=XXXXLExopulse pants menXXXXL98,0 cm95,0 cm112,0 cm34,5 cm24,0 cm81,0 cm
28XP9=XXXXXLExopulse pants menXXXXXL104,0 cm101,0 cm118,0 cm36,0 cm25,0 cm82,0 cm
28XP10=XLExopulse jacket unisex shortXL112,5 cm102,5 cm101,0 cm59,5 cm44,0 cm18,0 cm57,0 cm
28XP11=XLExopulse pants unisex shortXL92,0 cm89,0 cm106,0 cm33,0 cm19,0 cm72,5 cm



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