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476D00 - Seating

Baxx aluminium back support

For comfort, stability and easy handling
Max. body weight
User group
All specifications
Benefits at a glance
Aussparrungen Detailaufnahme Baxx Ottobock Rückensystem schwarz-weiß

The extra-large cut-outs result in a low weight and easier handling.

Oberkante Baxx Rückensystem Ottobock
Sitting comfort

The padded top of the back support makes sitting comfortable in any everyday situation.

Ottobock Baxx Rückensysteme

Various heights and contours permit individual adaptation to the user’s needs.

Rückenteil Rollstuhl, Ottobock Baxx, Orange passend zur Rahmenfarbe

All aluminium back supports are available in various frame colours. This allows each user to further customise their wheelchair.


Product information

ColourWhite, Yellow, Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Grey

Product Data

Article numberBack widthBack heightContour depthContoursBaxx type
476D00=250x64x250250 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=250x100x250250 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=280x64x250280 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=280x100x250280 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=310x64x250310 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=310x100x250310 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=310x64x330310 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=310x100x330310 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=330x64x250330 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=330x100x250330 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=330x64x330330 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=330x100x330330 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=360x64x250360 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=360x100x250360 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=360x64x330360 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=360x100x330360 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=360x64x410360 mm410 mm64 mmactiveStandard
476D00=360x100x410360 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=380x64x250380 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=380x100x250380 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=380x64x330380 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=380x100x330380 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=380x64x410380 mm410 mm64 mmactiveStandard
476D00=380x100x410380 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=410x64x250410 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=410x100x250410 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=410x64x330410 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=410x100x330410 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=410x64x410410 mm410 mm64 mmactiveStandard
476D00=410x100x410410 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=410x150x410410 mm410 mm150 mmextra deepStandard
476D00=410x64x460410 mm460 mm64 mmactiveHigh
476D00=410x100x460410 mm460 mm100 mmdeepHigh
476D00=410x150x460410 mm460 mm150 mmextra deepHigh
476D00=410x64x510410 mm510 mm64 mmactiveExtra high
476D00=410x100x510410 mm510 mm100 mmdeepExtra high
476D00=410x150x510410 mm510 mm150 mmextra deepExtra high
476D00=430x64x250430 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=430x100x250430 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=430x64x330430 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=430x100x330430 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=430x64x410430 mm410 mm64 mmactiveStandard
476D00=430x100x410430 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=430x150x410430 mm410 mm150 mmextra deepStandard
476D00=430x64x460430 mm460 mm64 mmactiveHigh
476D00=430x100x460430 mm460 mm100 mmdeepHigh
476D00=430x150x460430 mm460 mm150 mmextra deepHigh
476D00=430x64x510430 mm510 mm64 mmactiveExtra high
476D00=430x100x510430 mm510 mm100 mmdeepExtra high
476D00=430x150x510430 mm510 mm150 mmextra deepExtra high
476D00=460x64x250460 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=460x100x250460 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=460x64x330460 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=460x100x330460 mm330 mm150 mmdeepMedium
476D00=460x64x410460 mm410 mm64 mmactiveStandard
476D00=460x100x410460 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=460x150x410460 mm410 mm150 mmextra deepStandard
476D00=460x64x460460 mm460 mm64 mmactiveHigh
476D00=460x100x460460 mm460 mm100 mmdeepHigh
476D00=460x150x460460 mm460 mm150 mmextra deepHigh
476D00=460x64x510460 mm510 mm64 mmactiveExtra high
476D00=460x100x510460 mm510 mm100 mmdeepExtra high
476D00=460x150x510460 mm510 mm150 mmextra deepExtra high
476D00=480x64x250480 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=480x100x250480 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=480x64x330480 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=480x100x330480 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=480x64x410480 mm410 mm64 mmactiveStandard
476D00=480x100x410480 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=480x150x410480 mm410 mm150 mmextra deepStandard
476D00=480x64x460480 mm460 mm64 mmactiveHigh
476D00=480x100x460480 mm460 mm100 mmdeepHigh
476D00=480x150x460480 mm460 mm150 mmextra deepHigh
476D00=480x64x510480 mm510 mm64 mmactiveExtra high
476D00=480x100x510480 mm510 mm100 mmdeepExtra high
476D00=480x150x510480 mm510 mm150 mmextra deepExtra high
476D00=510x64x250510 mm250 mm64 mmactiveLow
476D00=510x100x250510 mm250 mm100 mmdeepLow
476D00=510x64x330510 mm330 mm64 mmactiveMedium
476D00=510x100x330510 mm330 mm100 mmdeepMedium
476D00=510x64x410510 mm410 mm150 mmactiveStandard
476D00=510x100x410510 mm410 mm100 mmdeepStandard
476D00=510x150x410510 mm410 mm150 mmextra deepStandard
476D00=510x64x460510 mm460 mm64 mmactiveHigh
476D00=510x100x460510 mm460 mm100 mmdeepHigh
476D00=510x150x460510 mm460 mm150 mmextra deepHigh
476D00=510x64x510510 mm510 mm64 mmactiveExtra high
476D00=510x100x510510 mm510 mm100 mmdeepExtra high
476D00=510x150x510510 mm510 mm150 mmextra deepExtra high