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We help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement

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Ottobock prosthetic solutions are designed to keep users moving wherever they are in their journey. With a wide range of solutions, our goal is to meet your ideal outcome every step of the way. From the C-Leg 4 to the latest socket technology, we're here to support your freedom of movement.



Whether you need support, corrections, or pain relief, Ottobock orthotic solutions are designed to keep you moving and doing what you love. From our groundbreaking C-Brace, to a full catalog of stroke solutions, and everything in between, there is an orthotic to support your journey. Learn more about the available options today.


Since 2012, Ottobock has been researching innovative solutions to make jobs in industrials, logistics, and the trade sector more ergonomic. Our goal is to provide relief for people who perform physically demanding tasks, such as overhead work, thereby creating healthier working conditions. Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons offers a broad range of exoskeletons and solutions for logistics, automotive and aviation assembly, maintenance and repair, painting, or construction.

We help people to maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

Find resources to help you accomplish your goals and do more of what you love.

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Living with an Amputation

Whether you're a new amputee, have been living with amputation for a while, or looking to support a loved one or patient, there's a resource here for you.

Living with an Amputation

Diagnoses and Symptoms

Learn more about the most common diagnoses and symptoms that Ottobock orthotics and prosthetics can support and relieve.

Diagnoses and Symptoms
Sports beginners do sports exercises.

Sports and Activities

Looking for more ways to stay active and involved? There are plenty of outlets, resources, and communities to learn more about adaptive sports, workouts that work for you, and so much more.

Active Living and Sports

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