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Life with a bionic hand

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Real Stories

Inspired. Empowered. Bionic.

You're invited to discover a truly unique community: people with upper limb differences who are coming together to share their experiences, their inspiration, and their tips and tricks for living an empowered life with a bionic hand.

Together, they're tackling real challenges, achieving real breakthroughs, and living with real joy. Come experience theirs and share yours!


Davide & Sebastian

Discovering superpowers

Limb loss took both their lives in unexpected directions. Hear how their new journey led them to incredible new abilities.

Bebe & Cameron

Living the life they want

Even limb loss couldn't hold them back from pursuing their passions. Find out what helped them adapt to new challenges.

Gina, Kiersten & Shaholly

Showing their confidence

Learn how they experience with limb loss and limb and limb difference inspired them to become part of a unique new generation of influencers.

Connect with the new Bionic generation

They're proud of their differences and showing the world what it means to never stop reaching.


Embracing every moment of her life

Champion, paralympian, trendsetter, world traveler: Bebe's showing the world there's no limit to what people with limb differences can achieve. See how she uses her story to inspire athletes with limb differences.


Empowering each other to believe, achieve, and succeed

#Realtalk: Learning to live with an upper limb difference is a good process, one that will always have something new to teach you.

But if there's one thing this community loves, it's sharing tips and tricks to help each other handle jobs, hobbies, mental health, housework, family activities, and more. Check out some of our ambassador's favorite hacks for their bionic hand, then share how you keep reaching with yours!


"The right hand for the right job"

Bebe's recommendation: an Ottobock SpeedHand for working out and an eye-catching bebionic hand for going out!


"Be ready to raise your voice"

Don't be afraid to speak about your limb difference. Let people know it deserves love, respect, and acceptance.


"Never let them see you sweat"

No matter your body type, no matter your limb difference, just go for it. Show them who you are, because what you are is beautiful.


"Always stick to the 5-try rule"

Whatever it is, try 5 times and then give yourself a rest. Try again once you've given your body and mind a chance to reset.


"Challenge yourself every day."

Never stop pushing yourself to set and achieve new goals. That's how you'll always know you're moving forward.


"Mindset is absolutely essential."

Find a community that can help remind you to be grateful, positive, and focused on what you want to achieve.

More tips, tricks, and vibes

Getting started

How bionic hand works

Power-user Kiersten gives a quick tutorial on the bebionic hand she relies on day to day.

Lend a hand

Have a hack? Got a story? Share it!

  1. Take a picture or video of the lifehack you've discovered with your bionic hand.
  2. Share it on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok with the hashtag #NeverStopReaching.
  3. Follow @ottobock and tag us in your lifehack post to share it with the community!
Ottobock hands

Inspired by life. Designed for you.

We've spent over 100 years learning what people with limb differences need from a prosthetic. Check out how we've built a century of collaboration into our upper limb solutions.


Make a statement with every movement.

Discover the expressive versatility of one of the world's most advanced multiarticulating prosthetic hands.


Reach for powerful everyday performance

See how it can look more natural than ever with a hand that's purpose-built for the movements you need most.

MyoHand VariPlus Speed

Choose trusted reliability

Take confident control with the proven strength, speed, and durability of our VariPlus prosthetic platform.

Keep learning

Living with a prosthetic hand or arm

Becoming someone with an upper limb difference can be an incredibly challenging process, mentally and physically. We're here to help.

Check out the articles below for some useful information on what to expect from your procedure, your recovery, and the next chapter of your life.

Getting ready

Preparing for your amputation surgery

An amputation is a major medical procedure that your care team will carefully plan and prepare you for. Find out what to expect from that important process.

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Amputation rehab after losing a hand or arm

After your procedure, you and your care team will work together to help you manage your residual limb and learn how to use a prosthetic. See what the rehab process looks like.

Moving forward

Learning to use a prosthetic arm

A prosthetic arm can make a big difference in your day-to-day life, but learning to use one takes lots of practice. Find out how to pick the right device and get the most from it.