A bilateral amputee races to the finish line of a track field, sporting Ottobock's Runner prosthetic feet
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Active living and sports

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Active living and sports

Sports open up a whole new world of possibilities to people with disabilities. Back when Ottobock began supporting Paralympic athletes over 30 years ago, the introduction of special carbon springs radically improved athletic performances at the Paralympic Games. Over the following years, we continued to work closely with role models from the world of sports to optimize our sports products and services. New methods and products were tested – with the aim of providing better support, not only to top-level athletes, but to children and recreational athletes as well.

Today, those who look for them will almost always find appropriate opportunities to engage in individual or team sports, as well as the appropriate equipment to get them started. When it comes to choosing or using the right prosthetic or orthotic device for active living, a few tips can be a big help for newcomers in particular. One thing we have learned from sports – and this applies to professionals and amateurs alike – is that you can often achieve so much more tomorrow than you believe possible today.

Living an active lifestyle benefits our bodies and minds. Exercising your cardiovascular system, maintaining personal mobility, unwinding, and overcoming challenges – these are all good reasons for people with and without disabilities to take up a sport. But where do you begin? We've provided information and examples to help newcomers get started.

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Amputee athletes do stretches on yoga mats in an outdoor football field
Getting started

Getting started in sports with a disability

First steps are often the hardest. Listen to your body and give it plenty of time to adjust when starting out a new activity.

Two Paralympic athletes prepare for a football game in an outdoor sports field
Helpful tips

Tips on staying motivated

Amateur athletes and Paralympic stars share advice on how to stay motivated and avoid getting stuck in a rut.

Sports products

Sports products