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17KO1000~50_B - Knee-Ankle-Foot orthotics

C-Brace® KAFO

​​​​​​The microprocessor-controlled C-Brace takes freedom of movement to a completely new level. The C-Brace is the first-ever KAFO that allows users to flex their leg under load (in order to sit down, for example), and to navigate slopes, walk on uneven terrain, or descend stairs step-over-step. And the C-Brace has even more to offer. It’s smaller, so it can also be worn under clothing; and it’s lighter, so the user doesn’t need to exert as much effort when walking. Advanced sensor technology makes the entire gait pattern even more dynamic and responsive. The user can also change settings on their joint, e.g., switching to cycling mode, via a smartphone app.
Terms and conditionsParaplegia, Paralysis, Neurological disorders
User groupadults
ApplicationsCustom orthotics
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Benefits at a glance

C-Brace® – custom configuration with smart control

David M. walks through challenging terrain with his C-Brace®.
New freedom of movement

The C-Brace allows users to experience a whole new world of movement. Users can walk slowly or quickly, navigate slopes or uneven terrain, avoid trip hazards, descend stairs step-over-step, or flex the leg while it’s under load.

David wears his computer-controlled C-Brace® orthotronic mobility system as he strolls through the woods with his children.
Enhanced safety while walking

The C-Brace responds in real time. This makes users feel safe even when they face potential trip hazards – because they can take steps or sit down with the knee flexed, and can also walk on uneven terrain or slopes.

Marjan uses the convenient Cockpit app to control her C-Brace®.
App control for users and O&P professionals

​​​​​​Users can control their C-Brace with the convenient Cockpit app, for example when switching to cycling mode. The O&P professional uses the Setup app to individually adjust the C-Brace easily.

Thanks to her C-Brace®, which she’s combined with the Nexgear Tango ankle joint, Denise can finally dance again.
Dynamic movement patterns

The new sensor technology makes the C-Brace even more intuitive to use, with additional dynamic and responsive movement patterns.

The O&P professional constructs the C-Brace® locally at the medical supply company.
Simplified fabrication process

The C-Brace is fully customized to each individual patient. Patients can request a trial to see if they are a candidate prior to receiving a C-Brace.

User Experience

Denise tells her story

Denise has incomplete paraplegia since an intervertebral disc operation. The young mother talks about how her life changed as a result and tells us who gave her strength in this difficult time.

David T. tells his story

​​​​​​David was serving as a US Marine when a bomb exploded directly next to him in Afghanistan. Not only did the blow affect him physically by paralyzing both legs, but it also affected him mentally. “I’ve been down the darkest part of the road, to make the final decision to not want to live anymore,” David said. After using a wheelchair for seven years, David tried C-Brace after being told he would never walk again. “Putting on the C-Brace for the first time was a feeling I could never relive again,” David said. “Right then, it was me again.” Using advanced microprocessor sensor technology, C-Brace supports David’s movements with every step. Now a proud father of five children, David says, “I used to serve my country, and now I serve my family.”

David M. tells his story

David was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 2016, and his left leg is completely paralysed from the hip down due to a spinal cord injury. He was recently fitted with the new C-Brace and talks about his active life from studying to exploring nature.

Melvin tells his story

​​​​​​Melvin has polio, and his left leg is partially paralyzed as a result. He talks about how he was fitted with the new C-Brace and how it supports him in his active life.

I can do things on my own again

Hannah has a spinal cord injury, and her right leg is paralyzed. The new C-Brace has boosted her self-confidence. She now manages her day-to-day life with her two small children entirely on her own again.

In conversation with Wolfgang

Wolfgang has polio and post-polio syndrome. His right leg is paralyzed as a result. He talks about how, and in what particular situations, the new C-Brace provides him with support.

Hannah tells her story

Hannah has a spinal cord injury, and her right leg is paralysed as a result. Recently, she was fitted with the new C-Brace. She talks about how her life has changed as a result.

In conversation with Melvin

Melvin has polio, and his left leg is partially paralysed as a result. He was fitted with the new C-Brace and talks about his everyday experiences with it.


Intelligent sensors for continuous movement control

Walking recalculated

The C-Brace includes thigh, lower leg, and foot components, all of which are custom fabricated. An ankle joint (unilateral or bilateral treatment) or a custom spring element connects the foot and lower leg components. The sensor technology continuously measures knee flexion and angular acceleration of the knee. This allows the C-Brace to detect which phase of the gait cycle the user is currently in. It can then regulate the hydraulic resistances and control the flexion and extension of the knee joint.

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C-Brace シーブレース リハビリ イールディング

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Product information

Product typeMechatronic orthotic knee joints
MaterialStainless steel
User groupadults



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