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755X230 - Machinery

Conical vacuum pipe

The innovative conical vacuum pipe is another adapter alternative which makes vacuum forming even easier.

All benefits at a glance

  • Material: galvanised steel
  • Vacuum connection diameter 25 mm (includes adapter for 6 mm and 13 mm)
  • The vacuum-formed model can be pulled off the vacuum pipe with just a few turns

Step 1

Mould the plastic over the conical vacuum pipe.

Step 2

Rotate the cooled plastic to loosen it from the vacuum pipe and continue working on it.

Product Data

Article number755X230=65755X230=85
Diameter65 mm85 mm
Length418 mm418 mm
MaterialSteel, galvanisedSteel, galvanised
Vacuum connection Ø6, 13, 25 mm6, 13, 25 mm
Weight1.3 kg1.4 kg