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A high quality image of an Ottobock microprocessor knee
A high quality image of an Ottobock microprocessor knee
A high quality image of an Ottobock microprocessor knee

Breaking the mold: Next-gen, C-Leg 4 offers a highly personalized user experience with proven performance.

Available now, the new C-Leg 4 from Ottobock is the latest in prosthetic innovation, offering even greater levels of freedom for its users. Featuring advanced mechatronic technology and hyper-personalization at every level, the C-Leg 4 continues to live up to its legacy.

Marking 25 years of C-Leg, the latest version of this microprocessor-controlled knee comes equipped with market-leading technical features for an enhanced user experience. These include:

  • A deep-sleep mode to conserve battery power (ideal for when sitting down at the office or during long flights)

  • Redesigned charger for easier, one-handed use

Available in two shades, desert pearl or midnight shadow, the knee also comes with a customizable shield insert that can be painted for maximum self-expression. And, as you’d expect from the most widely studied, tested, and proven prosthetic knee joint in the world, the latest C-Leg 4 model is also brimming with new intuitive functions to deliver every-day reliability. All of which can be controlled and adjusted via the user-friendly Cockpit app.

These functions include:

  • Enhanced support for sitting down plus more comfort once seated

  • Assisted descent on ramps and stairs

  • Stumble Recovery Plus

  • Improved stance release for smooth, reliable movement every time

  • More options for special activities with MyMode Plus

  • An easter-egg surprise

As a brand built to inspire both freedom and confidence, Ottobock’s mission reaches beyond the 15 percent of the world’s population that have a disability. The leading prosthetics manufactureris leaning on the launch of its latest innovation to disrupt the norm and deliver game-changing results on every level.

Martin Böhm, Chief Experience Officer at Ottobock said, “With 25 years of continuous research and development, we’ve responded to our users’ experiences and requests and incorporated the latest technology and trends to create a device that uniquely empowers those who wear it. With our new C-Leg 4 we want to break the mold, educate and normalize seeing prosthetics among other tech ‘must-haves.’ Like any piece of well-designed technology – this enhances users’ everyday lives but more than that – it breaks down barriers and genuinely changes lives. 

A prime example of Ottobock’s commitment to progression in this space, the C-Leg 4 is at the top of its game, both in terms of performance and its ability to instil confidence. But don’t take our word for it, please contact us if you would like to hear from a user who has put the knee through its paces.

About Ottobock

For more than 100 years, Ottobock has developed innovative solutions for people with reduced mobility. Ottobock promotes freedom of movement, quality for life and independence. We do this with the support of over 8,000 employees worldwide. With outstanding technical solutions and services in the fields of Prosthetics, Orthotics, NeuroMobility and Patient Care, we enable people in more than 130 countries to live their lives the way they want. As the world market leader in technical orthopedics, the company continues to set new standards for the O&P industry by exploring digital fabrication as well as industrial exoskeletons for ergonomic workplaces. The North American headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.