Diagnoses and Symptoms

Every patient has a story that is as complex and varied as they are. Learn more about conditions that may lead to treatable symptoms with products to help support freedom of movement.

Get detailed information about different conditions and symptoms, treatment options, and diagnostic methods. Specific orthoses and supports have been designed to address each diagnosis and help relieve your pain and discomfort. Please note that we are consistently updating and adding to these pages to provide you the best information for a wide variety of conditions.

Conditions in the knee area

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee often occurs in adults. Wear and tear on the knee joint becomes apparent due to pain. Medications, physiotherapy, and orthopaedic devices can improve mobility.


Conditions in the bone/muscle/nervous system


Paralysis is the inability or reduced ability to voluntarily use one or more muscles, muscle groups or limbs. Custom paralysis orthoses are available today for various diagnoses and symptoms.



The polio virus primarily affects the central nervous system. Paralysis occurs with 0.1 percent of all infections. Since there is no therapy for the root cause, physiotherapy and orthoses help improve mobility after the acute phase of the disease.



About 610,000 first-time strokes occur in the US each year. Modern device solutions (orthoses, wheelchairs, functional electrical stimulation) put a greater focus on rehabilitation following acute treatment.