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1C64 - Foot prosthetics

Triton Heavy Duty

Your will. Your way.

Do you lead a very active life and place especially high demands on your prosthetic foot? The Triton Heavy Duty delivers a dynamic rollover and supports vigorous walking even at fast walking speeds thanks to its high energy return. The prosthetic foot is particularly robust and withstands extreme demands at work or in recreational activities. This is especially the case when the foot comes into contact with water or moisture, or needs to withstand high loads.



Product typeEnhanced composite design feet
Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight150 kg
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Triton Heavy Duty – flexible and highly responsive

User walks down the stairs
Supports agile and high-impact movement

Quick changes in direction and jumps in basketball, hiking on uneven trails or a sprint to catch the bus: the Triton Heavy Duty adapts to high impact conditions and is ideal for many challenging everyday situations as well as for sports activities.

User walks up stairs in the garden
Strong rollover for vigorous walking

The Triton Heavy Duty carbon foot stands for a dynamic rollover and vigorous walking. It provides users with an uncompromising response and control even when performing high-impact activities.

User goes swimming in the river
Robust and waterproof

The Triton Heavy Duty offers extended load limits for highly active users and extreme requirements on the job and during recreational activities where the foot comes into contact with water or moisture or needs to withstand high loads. 

User walks along the garden path
Energetic walking

The Triton Heavy Duty prosthetic foot delivers a high energy return at fast walking speeds. This allows users to master any challenge – in sports, in nature or at work.

User walks through the garden
Suitable for a broad range of applications, from everyday life to demanding professions to recreational sports.

Product information

Product typeEnhanced composite design feet
Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight150 kg
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation, Transtibial amputation, Hip disarticulation

Product Data

Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight150 kg
Sideleft (L), right (R)
Size21–30 cm
Weight (without footshell)535 g*
Footshell shapeSlim shape (S) for a heel height of 15 +/- 5 mm (21-27 cm)
Normal shape (N) for a heel height of 10 +/- 5 mm (24-30 cm)
Footshell colourbeige 4, light brown 15
Weight with normal footshell755 g*
System height with normal footshell131 mm*
Build height with normal footshell149 mm*



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Do you lead a very active life and value an uncompromising response and control, even during high-impact activities? The 1C60 Triton was specially developed for very active users like you, who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place these exact demands on their prosthetic foot. The Triton supports dynamic, vigorous walking and offers you mobility at the highest level – so you can set your own goals and achieve them. Get ready for new adventures!
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