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1C68 - Foot prosthetics

Triton side flex

Your will. Your way.

The Triton side flex was designed for highly active users who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on uncompromised response and control even when performing high-impact activities.

What would life be like without surprises? The prosthetic foot features a unique degree of side-to-side flexibility and secure, full-surface ground contact – also on uneven surfaces. The function module reduces the sideward tilting moments placed on the knee or in the socket, which are often perceived as irritating, and minimises compensating movements. You can finally concentrate on what’s important to you and the people around you – because now you can decide where to go.

  • Lateral adaptation for an enhanced feeling of safety
  • Powerful, dynamic rollover
  • High energy return
  • Supports agile and high-impact movements

It's more than a prosthetic foot. It's a foundation.

Product typeEnhanced composite design feet
Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight125 kg
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Triton side flex – adaptable with socket stability

Close-up auf Marije's Triton side flex, which effortlessly adapts to a laterally sloping curb.
Adapts effortlessly to sideward slopes

There was a time when Marije would have taken detours. Thanks to her Triton side flex, she now avoids neither sloping sidewalks nor slanted curbs and other side inclines in the city.

Marije and her boyfriend stand in the bow of a tourist boat, taking selfies with a smartphone.
Standing safely on unsteady surfaces

A boat tour through Amsterdam: What a great surprise from her boyfriend! The couple take a lot of selfies, and these carefree images show that Marije’s prosthetic foot gives her secure, worry-free footing – even on unsteady surfaces.

Marije skilfully navigates the confined space between the furniture in her kitchen with her Triton side flex carbon foot.
Moving in confined spaces

A quick movement between the sink and fridge, a small step to the side towards the cutlery drawer. Thanks to her Triton side flex, Marije can prepare a meal in a hurry when she has to – before her next shift at the hospital.

Marije leans to the side against her fridge with her Triton side flex prosthetic foot as she talks to her boyfriend.
Relaxed leaning and standing

With her previous prosthetic foot, Marije used to find it very uncomfortable to simply lean sideways against a wall or door frame while chatting with friends. But the side-to-side flexibility of her Triton side flex lets her stand in a relaxed position, even during longer conversations.

Marije carries her bicycle out of the corridor and down some steps into the courtyard with her Triton side flex prosthetic foot.
Safe and comfortable movement

Thanks to her Triton side flex, everyday activities like quickly moving the bicycle down the steps from the hallway or carrying the weekly shopping up to the flat do not represent a challenge for Marije.

Standing with her legs wide apart, Marije playfully swings a young patient around by her hands in a treatment room.
Standing with legs apart: safe and comfortable

As a paediatrician, Marije is always concerned about the well-being of her small patients. Her Triton side flex gives her stability she can count on when lifting and carrying the little ones.

Close-up auf Marije's Triton side flex, which allows her to effortlessly step over a fallen branch.
Walking on uneven ground and obstacles

Thanks to her Triton side flex prosthetic foot, which easily compensates for side-to-side unevenness and small obstacles, Marije is now able to dedicate her full attention to her surroundings and the people around her when she takes walks outside.

Marije and her boyfriend sit on the edge of a fountain and let their legs dangle in the water.
Afraid of water? Not with the Triton side flex!

Marije is glad that she can spend time in and on the water when the weather is hot. She enjoys the refreshing coolness with her boyfriend and her Triton side flex carbon foot. The Triton side flex is resistant to fresh, salt and chlorinated water.

Ottobock foot options
More than a prosthetic foot. It’s a foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes a difference in the success of the treatment. Learn more about prosthetic feet in general and our other foot options here.

User Experience

Triton makes the difference


Marije is a vibrant young woman who is always on the go – at her job, during her free time in the park or with a boat on Amsterdam’s canals. Thanks to her new Triton side flex prosthetic foot and its unique side-to-side adaptability, Marije goes her own way without needing to think about where she puts her foot next.


More lateral flexibility, more secure ground contact

New lateral flexibility

Conventional prosthetic feet adapt to lateral slopes only to a small extent at heel strike. Only later on do these feet adapt to a greater extent as the load on the forefoot increases, with maximum adaptation occurring at the end of the stance phase. The Triton side flex adapts to lateral slopes and uneven ground to a high degree right after heel strike. This has a positive impact on the user’s comfort and safety.


Product information

Product typeEnhanced composite design feet
Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight125 kg
Amputation levelTransfemoral amputation, Hip disarticulation, Transtibial amputation

Product Data

Mobility grade3, 4
Max. body weight125 kg
Sideleft (L), right (R)
Size22-30 cm
Weight (without footshell)585 g*
Footshell shapeSlim shape (S) for a heel height of 15 +/- 5 mm (22-27 cm)
Normal shape (N) for a heel height of 10 +/- 5 mm (24-30 cm)
Footshell colourbeige 4, light brown 15
Weight with normal footshell805 g*
System height with normal footshell68 mm*
Build height with normal footshell68 mm*



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