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Harrison's story

The first image we had in our minds was a big, bulky skateboard helmet. But MyCRO Band is not like that at all! It's 3D-printed, super thin and really light. The fitting process was also really easy. They took a scan of his head to do it, and you think to yourself: Wow, this is high-tech!

- Harrison's parents -

 Harrison wears a MyCRO Band helmet and laughs with his parents
Harrison's Story

Harrison wears a MyCRO Band

"Getting him fitted was a breeze!

Our son Harrison is 11 months old. He is our first child and we are trying to make everything perfect. Harrison was a breech baby. Because of his positioning in the womb there is some flattening on the back of his head and on the side. It was concerning. So, we said let's go to the helmet council and see what they tell us and we quickly learned that the helmet was the only way to go. Getting him fitted for it, was a breeze. It is this new technology, it's 3D-printed. It's pretty convenient."

MyCro Band

Modern helmet therapy

The MyCRO Band helmet is explained to Harrison and his parents by a technician.
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