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C-Leg 4 Plus - Rebecca und Freundin DE-DE
C-Leg 4 Plus - Rebecca und Freundin DE-DE
C-Leg 4 Plus - Rebecca und Freundin DE-DE

The challenges brought about by limb loss are not just about your ability to walk. The effects are far-reaching, from changing how you manage your workplace, how you think about travel, even your hobbies and how you choose to exercise. For nearly a century Ottobock has created products driven by our commitment to support individual choices, helping you stay active and engaged in life.

Funding for NHS prosthetics

A couple walking their dog outside through a field of purple flowers using the Ottobock-manufactured C-Leg
NHS MPK Policy

NHS Microprocessor Knee funding for C-Leg and Kenevo.

Ottobock have been proudly providing the C-Leg 4 to medium to high active individuals through the NHS since 2016. However, did you know that less active individuals could get funding for the Kenevo. So whether you have a ‘through knee’, ‘above knee’ or hip disarticulation amputation, there is an MPK available for you.

Wolfgang mit bebionic Hand trägt eine Gemüsekiste
NHS Multi-Grip Prosthetic Hand Policy

NHS funding for multi-grip controlled prosthetic hands for adults and children.

Multi-grip myoelectric controlled prosthetic hands for adults and children with upper limb amputation, or, congenital limb difference are now available through NHS funding. Ottobock's multi-grip prosthetic hands transform the lives and abilities of amputees around the world, allowing you to perform simple tasks more easily.

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Prosthetic Solutions from Ottobock

義足コンピューター制御膝継手 ジニウムX3 立位機能
Microprocessor Knees

Trust. Move. Live

For over 100 years people have come first in everything we do. The combination of research from our clinical scientists merged with amputees’ own experiences has allowed us to make continual advances in our prosthetic systems, improving the life of our users, enabling them to live independent daily lives.

Prosthetic Feet

So much more than a foot. It’s your foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes everything else possible. Whether you‘re an above or below knee amputee, the quality and performance of your whole prosthesis will be impacted by the quality and performance of the prosthetic foot.

liner 6Y110 donning_JA-JP
Prosthetic Socket Technology

Find the right solution for you.

A prosthetic socket is a crucial component in a prosthesis. The right fit can make the difference between moving freely without pain and your normal daily life being affected. To help avoid this various different methods of securing the prosthesis to the residual limb exist.

A prosthetic hand user stretches their right leg to prepare for a workout
Upper Limb Prosthetics

Never stop reaching.

Living with upper limb difference or becoming an upper limb amputee can be an incredibly challenging process, mentally and physically. We've spent over 100 years learning what people with limb differences need from a prosthetic. Check out how we've built a century of collaboration into our upper limb solutions.

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Information for new amputees

Having more information and knowledge before your amputation and throughout your recovery process can empower you. Although everyone's experience is difference, this basic information can provide a good foundation.

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