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NHS England Multi-Grip Prosthetic Hand Policy


NHS England Multi-Grip Prosthetic Hand Policy

NHS England has reviewed the evidence supporting the use of multi-grip myoelectric controlled prosthetic hands for adults and children with upper limb amputation, or, congenital limb difference. This evidence found the use of such devices to be beneficial, resulting in the approval of funding for people who meet the specified criteria. This represents a huge change in the prosthetics industry and provides significant opportunities for those living with upper limb amputation or limb difference.

Ottobock's multi-grip prosthetic hands transform the lives and abilities of amputees around the world, allowing you to perform simple tasks such as tying shoe laces, as well as giving you back control over your life and improving your self-esteem. The new NHS England multi-grip prosthetic hand policy introduced in August 2022, will now allow more amputees and those with congenital limb difference to experience these life changing devices.

Following an assessment, trial and approval process, prosthetists can now routinely prescribe these life changing products to any patients that fit the listed criteria. You can read the policy in full below, or for more information, we recommend that you contact your prosthetist.


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Clinical Commissioning Policy Multi-grip prosthetic hand



The most lifelike prosthetic hand.

With 14 different grips and hand positions, the bebionic prosthetic hand makes it easy to carry out day-to-day activities such as eating meals, carrying bags, opening doors and switching on lights and typing.

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Regain your freedom.

Imagine being able to grasp and hold objects with greater control—and less effort, the Michelangelo gives you more ways to move your hand, and make all sorts of everyday tasks easier and more natural.

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