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Proven, Preferred Performance

NEW: C-Leg 4 is now IP68.

C-Leg user walking with an umbrella in the rain.
C-Leg user walking with an umbrella in the rain.
C-Leg user walking with an umbrella in the rain.

Products and services from Ottobock.


Mobility is the key to living life on your own terms – for people in any age group. Our prosthetic solutions are designed to keep you moving with the best possible quality of life - from the C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee to the bebionic multi-grip prosthetic hand to the latest socket technology we're here to support you.



Our goal is to help people move more freely and with less pain, correct malpositions and provide effective support for the healing process. Orthoses and supports have proven to be particularly effective for these purposes. From the ground-breaking C-Brace to our complete suite of stroke solutions, we're are here to support you.


Wheelchairs & Seating

Ottobock Human Mobility products support and promote independence and include a broad selection of manual and power wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children, rehab buggies and seating and positioning solutions. Ottobock offers custom solutions that help users manage their everyday routines with mobility and quality of life – and enjoy doing so.


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Ottobock Clinics

We offer a wide range of medical care throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke seating solution for your wheelchair or new prosthetic leg, our products and services are available around the UK.

In addition to offering private medical care, we also work closely with NHS centres and trusted dealers around the UK to provide the best solutions for individuals. Take a look below to find an Ottobock solution near you.

We help people to maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

Find resources to help you accomplish your goals and do more of what you love.

A VariPlus Speed prosthetic hand pulling on a resistance band with their physiotherapist.

Living with amputation

Whether you're a new amputee, have been living with amputation for a while, or looking to support a loved one or patient, there's a resource here for you.

Are you a professional?

Learn about products, education, and business resources that help maximise patient outcomes and clinical success. Our webpages for professionals have what you need.

A bebionic user holding a white balloon with their prosthetic hand during a session with their physiotherapist