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How we define and shape human empowerment – today and tomorrow.

Our mission for 100 years

We help people to maintain or regain their freedom of movement.

For 100 years, people have come first in everything we do. We work hard every day to improve the quality of life of our patients and users, and to enable them to live independent daily lives.

Commitment to sports


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Taking those first steps with a sports prosthesis, aiming to run a new personal best or simply racing with the kids again – everyone has their own reasons for participating in sport and keeping active.

Room for ideas

The Ottobock Future Lab: where ideas are given room to grow

Big accomplishments grow from little ideas. That’s why we are creating a special place where our creativity and skills can thrive. A place where we can take all the time we need to test, develop and perfect our ideas. We find out what people really need and grow ideas into full-blown innovations.

Paralympic Games

Passion for Paralympics

Our partnership with the Paralympics started in Seoul in 1988. Ottobock has been at every Summer and Winter Paralympic Games ever since, paving the way for good sportsmanship and fair competition between the athletes.

Ottobock products and services


Mobility is the key to living life on your own terms – for people in any age group. We have been striving to provide people with disabilities with the best possible quality of life for over 100 years. Valuable feedback regarding our users’ day-to-day experiences helps our product developers see the world through their eyes.



Our goal is to help people move more freely and with less pain, correct malpositions and provide effective support for the healing process. Orthoses and supports have proven to be particularly effective for these purposes.

Wheelchairs & Seating

Ottobock Human Mobility products include a broad selection of manual and power wheelchairs, wheelchairs for children, rehab buggies and seating and positioning solutions. They support and promote independence and mobility for people with disabilities. Thanks to many years of experience, Ottobock offers custom solutions that help users manage their everyday routines with mobility and quality of life – and enjoy doing so.


Ottobock Clinics

Discover our Clinics

We offer a wide range of medical care throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke seating solution for your wheelchair or new prosthetic leg, our products and services are available around the UK.

In addition to offering private medical care, we also work closely with NHS centres and trusted dealers around the UK to provide the best solutions for individuals. Take a look below to find an Ottobock solution near you.

Information for Professionals

Ottobock Academy

Knowledge and continuing education are key factors in the medical technology sector. Stay up to date on products, application techniques and therapy approaches through clinical training offered by the Ottobock Academy.

Fabrication Service

We provide a complete fabrication service to our trade partners. Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians can create individually fabricated high quality solutions including cutting edge Carbon Fibre ankle orthoses, traditional leather leg braces, AFOs & KAFOs, insoles and prosthetic sockets. 

Download Centre

Download catalogues, brochures, manuals, price lists and more using our Download Center.

Virtual Mobility Workshop

A simple and straightforward way to experience products interactively and three-dimensionally. The Virtual Mobility Workshop offers you countless possibilities for virtually all products in the Ottobock Human Mobility collection.


8th September 2022

NHS England Multi-Grip Prosthetic Hand Policy

NHS England has approved funding for the use of multi-grip myoelectric controlled prosthetic hands for adults and children with upper limb amputation, or, congenital limb difference.

5th September 2022

Ottobock agrees to acquire Pace Rehabilitation

Prosthetic manufacturer and patient care provider Ottobock have recently agreed to acquire Pace Rehabilitation, one of the UK’s independent providers of prosthetic and rehabilitation services for people who have sustained a serious limb injury.

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