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Mr A presented with Progressive Peripheral Neuropathy of unknown aetiology, worsening over the last 20 years. He walks with a mixture of crouch gait and knee hyperextension
bilaterally; left worse than Right and used a 4-wheeled walker for long distances or SPWS for shorter ones.

Mr A has trialled off-the-shelf carbon AFOs with various tuning combinations, however the rigidity decreased patient’s balance. He also trialled Knee Orthosis to block hyperextension –rigidity but again made him unbalanced.

Mr A has been successfully fitted with the Ottobock Freewalk on his Left side, which controlled his knee hyperextension in stance, but allowed a physiological swing phase.  This added control on the Left, and also helped to control the Right side. It also helped to reduce his flexion and extension moments.  A Freewalk may be considered for Mr A’s Right side in future.




Swing Phase: Sound clearance, intermittently mild foot slapping on the LT adequate knee flexion and hip flexion in swing.

Stance Phase: Intermittently RT knee flexion, LT knee hyperextension, occasionally both knees into flexion, drop foot (mild).

Full Range of Motion in Ankle & Knee

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No Bracing

With Freewalk

Timed Up and Go (secs)



10MWT (secs)





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Transitions in timed up and go slow me down with the brace

Quality of walking is much better

Knee very much controlled the hyperextension