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Man wearing a cervical spinal brace using tools in a workshop.
Man wearing a cervical spinal brace using tools in a workshop.
Man wearing a cervical spinal brace using tools in a workshop.

Cervical Spine and Back Orthoses.

Stability and pain relief for your spine and back.

The spinal column consists of 24 vertebrae and 23 intervertebral discs, it stabilises the entire body and is responsible for keeping you upright and allowing your upper body to move. Various factors such as diseases, including osteoporosis, accidents, a sedentary lifestyle, or lack of exercise can weaken your cervical spine and back. Orthoses for your back and cervical spine can help to support and stabilise the affected area. They use stretch supports combined with rigid metal or plastic bars to give you support to help relieve pain.

When might I need a back orthosis?

In most cases a back or cervical spine orthosis may be necessary after an accident, surgery or acute pain or a disease. Individuals with osteoporosis can often affected by pain and instability in the spine, others may need to wear an orthosis during pregnancy, or during treatment for a herniated disc or lower limb pain. In these cases, you may be prescribed a back orthosis alongside other forms of treatment such as physiotherapy, massage, or heat therapy. The orthoses can straighten, correct, and stabilise specific parts of your back, in doing so, they prevent malpositions and relieve strain.


Everyday life with a back orthosis.

Learning to put on a back or spinal orthosis can require some practice. Your doctor or orthotist will help explain the procedure and help show you how to put your orthosis on. Ottobock orthoses have been designed so they are easy to put on, often only using one hand. We have designed them to be as straightforward as possible in everyday use, as well as comfort in mind, as this encourages people to wear them regularly. Take a look at some of the solutions available from Ottobock below.

A woman with a spinal brace in a garden center holding some plants

Cervical Spine and Back Orthoses Available from Ottobock.

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