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Shaped with Care.

Sometimes a baby’s head needs something more to guide its growth due to positional head deformations such as plagiocephaly or brachycephaly. They may need a cranial remolding orthosis (CRO) to help correct their head shape.

The MyCRO Band is an intuitively designed, state-of-the-art CRO that’s created individually for each child. We use advanced scanning and precise 3D printing to make a customised, super-thin orthosis that gently guides cranial growth and is so comfortable it can be worn all day long. The innovative MySize Closure System™ self-adjusts as your baby’s head develops, while the open-air design ensures maximum comfort and hygiene, so you can focus on helping your child shine.

Discover all the advantages of our MyCRO Band, the personally precise CRO.


Your smart choice - Because it all matters.

A pediatric doctor measuring a child's head for a cranial helmet fitting

Advanced scanning technology

iFab EasyScan, our proprietary scanning process, captures the precise contours of your baby’s head – quickly and in great detail. Providing a quick and comfortable experience for your baby.

How it Works

How the MyCRO Band works.

The MyCRO Band is designed to safely and gradually remold your baby’s head. The contact zones apply gentle, barely there pressure, exactly where it is needed, while the growth zones leave space for the natural head shape to develop. The MySize Closure System™ self-adjusts as your baby grows.

From playtime and napping to snuggling and feeding, everything you and your baby enjoy doing is still possible. Their MyCRO Band won’t get in the way!

Fitting is a breeze.

“Harrison was a breech baby. Because of his positioning in the womb, he was born with flattened areas on the back and side of his head. It was concerning. We quickly learned that a helmet was the only way to go. Getting him fitted for a MyCRO Band was a breeze, thanks to the new technology and 3D-printing.”

- Linda and Thomas, parents of Harrison

About Plagiocephaly


Plagiocephaly is a well-known condition in infants, it occurs when part of a baby’s head becomes flattened or misshaped. Find out how this common condition is identified and treated.

Baby and its mother sitting on the floor smiling

Frequently asked questions about the MyCRO Band.



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