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WalkOn Family

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You gain safety because the WalkOn supports and lifts your foot during the swing phase while walking. The risk of getting caught with the tip of the foot, for example on carpet edges or uneven ground, is reduced.

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WalkOn Trimmable

You can move naturally with the WalkOn Trimmable during the day. When you crouch down or walk up a set of stairs for example, you can put a natural load on the forefoot. The WalkOn Trimmable is ideally suited for numerous everyday situations.

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WalkOn Flex

The WalkOn Flex is especially robust. It has proven its durability in trials and long-term function testing.


WalkOn Reaction

Compensating movements can lead to signs of wear. The WalkOn Reaction reduces these with its high energy return. You walk more symmetrically, because the orthosis stores energy at heel strike and releases it again during the rollover movement of the foot.

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