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Microprocessor Knees

Intuitive Stance.

Stable, healthy standing

Stable, healthy standing

Commonplace for others, quality of life for you.

Are situations that require extended standing challenging for you? With the Intuitive Stance offered by our microprocessor-controlled knee joints, you no longer need to be nervous about or avoid prolonged standing.

Our joints understand your movements and know whether you are standing and relaxing or wanting to initiate your next step. The Intuitive Stance Function adapts to your current situation and movements, allowing you to move freely without having to think twice. It also enables you to distribute weight evenly between both legs, helping to prevent damaging compensatory movements, no matter whether you are standing on an even surface or an incline.


Relaxed standing, without having to think about it

Are you often standing at work or during your free-time? Intuitive Stance is able to support you in every situation, without you having to think about it. Ask your Prosthetist today for a trial of one of our microprocessor knees and experience the benefits of Intuitive Stance yourself.