Taleo Prosthetic Feet

Ready for everyday life

Designed for active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them.

With the Taleo, navigating everyday situations is easy because the carbon feet feel natural and comfortable – so you can manage life on your own terms.

  • Smooth rollover

  • Energy efficient walking

  • Adaptation to uneven ground

It’s so much more than a foot. It’s your foundation.

Carbon feet 60-day satisfaction guarantee: We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with the Taleo foot range, that if you decide you’re not happy, we will happily take the foot back, no questions asked!

Taleo Family

Taleo Family


For active users

Designed for active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them.

Taleo Side Flex

For users who want to move freely every day

The Taleo Side Flex is designed especially for users who navigate various indoor and outdoor environments and terrains as part of their daily routine. 

Taleo Low Profile

For users with limited clearance

Do you only have limited clearance? Thanks to the Taleo Low Profile, you too can benefit from the high energy return and flexibility of the Taleo prosthetic foot. 

Taleo Vertical Shock

For active users who want to relieve their residual limb

The Taleo Vertical Shock moves and turns right along with your daily routine, noticeably relieves your residual limb and boosts your comfort. 


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Taleo benefits at a glance

Smooth rollover for effortless walking

With the seamless rollover from heel strike to toe off, the Taleo prosthetic feet enable effortless and comfortable walking without dead spots. They let you move smoothly when spontaneously changing your speed and direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Taleo prosthetic feet special?

The Taleo product range allows you to walk smoothly, so you have more energy when you’re on the go! The balanced combination of dynamics and flexibility, plus heel stiffness that can be adjusted to your unique needs, results in greater freedom of movement. Try it for yourself!

Is one of the Taleo prosthetic feet suitable for me?

The Taleo prosthetic feet were developed for active individuals (mobility grade 3–4) who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking. They are suitable for patients weighing up to 150 kg. Both transfemoral and transtibial amputees can benefit from the flexible prosthetic feet.

Are the Taleo prosthetic feet suitable for sports?

The Taleo prosthetic feet are primarily intended to support you in a wide range of everyday activities. Occasionally participating in light sports activities such as badminton or frisbee is definitely possible with the Taleo carbon feet

Are the Taleo prosthetic feet waterproof?

The Taleo, Taleo Side Flex and Taleo Low Profile are waterproof and can be worn in salt, fresh and chlorinated water. The Taleo Vertical Shock and Taleo Harmony on the other hand are weatherproof. Furthermore, the carbon feet have water runoff channels on the adapter and openings in the footshell that allow water to drain from the prosthesis. In order to maintain the functionality of the feet, it is essential to clean them as instructed after using them in water.

Is a Taleo prosthetic foot available in my size?

The Taleo feet are available in a range of sizes. Your Prosthetist will select the correct Taleo for you based on your foot size, activity level and body weight.

Will I need a new prosthesis for a Taleo carbon foot?

No, the Taleo prosthetic feet can be integrated into either a new or an existing modular prosthesis, provided it has sufficient structural height.

Can I test the feet?

Yes, of course you can test the Taleo prosthetic feet. Please just speak to your Prosthetist.

Do I need to wear special shoes with the Taleo prosthetic feet?

No, the Taleo prosthetic feet are delivered with a footshell that is based on the shape of a natural foot and is therefore compatible with all common types of shoes. Plus, a slim and a normal footshell are available in most foot sizes to match your natural foot as closely as possible. The split big toe on the footshell even makes it possible to wear flip flops and walk barefoot for brief periods indoors.

Can I also wear the Taleo with a vacuum prosthesis?

Yes, a connection to an active vacuum socket system is possible with the Taleo Harmony.

Can I wear the Taleo even if my residual limb is sensitive?

Both the Taleo Vertical Shock and the Taleo Harmony noticeably relieve your residual limb, offering you greater comfort. It supports the natural way your leg rotates as it moves, decreasing shearing and strain on your residual limb due to torsion and reducing skin irritation.


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