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Advanced Line

Advanced Line Head Supports

Head and neck supports are a vital part of a wheelchair. They combine durable shells with high-quality foam padding to provide soft and comfortable support.

A wide range of sizes are available which are compatible with all of our chairs to suit every user’s needs.

The removable, breathable covers are washable at up to 60°C.

Comfort Plus Head Support

A single pad head support which is available in a range of sizes up to 360mm wide. Ideal for a resting position to assist with counteracting if the person is tilted, tips or leans back.

Tri-Comfort Plus Head Support

An enhanced version of the Comfort Plus additionally featuring angled lateral wings to hold the persons head in a centralised position. It has a concave shape with a central pad.

Adjustable Comfort Plus Head Support

Also an enhanced version of the Comfort Plus, additionally featuring angled lateral wings. The lateral wings can be angled 45° or more from the flat position. It has adjustable side pads for individual control of lateral flexion and is suitable for users with low muscle tone.

Combo Head Support

This three piece head support has a slimline design with lateral wings which can be adjusted individually, intuitively and reliably. It provides control over lateral flexion and good pressure redistribution around the ears with the anatomical design of the lateral wings.

Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit

UniLink Mounting Kit

This mount is only suitable for the advanced line head supports and allows the angle of them to be adjusted whilst providing full surface contact. The stem is available in two lengths 178mm and 305mm. It has an easy, fast closure system and a second ball joint allowing for individual adjustability.

UniLink Extension Element

An extension element is available with the UniLink mounting kit and is available in three lengths 38mm, 50mm, 76mm. This is perfect for users who sit quite far forward in the chair or who’s position changes but continues to need support



Comfort Plus Head Support

Size N: A=150mm, B=110mm, C=60mm.

Size S: A=200mm, B=140mm, C=60mm.

Size M: A=250mm, B=150mm, C=60mm.

Size L: A=360mm, B=150mm, C=60mm.

Tri-Comfort Plus Head Support

Size XS: A=200mm, B=110mm, C=80mm, D=100mm.

Size NS: A=220mm, B=140mm, C=90mm, 120mm.

Size S: A=290mm, B=150mm, C=100mm, D=160mm.

Size M: A=360mm, B=150mm, C=130mm, D=170mm.

Adjustable Comfort Plus Head Support

Size M: A=60mm, B=130mm, C=130mm, D=130mm.

Size L: A=60mm, B=130mm, C=180mm, 170mm.

Combo Head Support

Size S: A=50mm, B=80mm, C=80mm, D=130mm, E=70mm.

Size L: A=70mm, B=100mm, C=120mm, 120mm, D=150mm, E=90mm.

Size XL: A=160mm, B=160mm, C=180mm, D=150mm, E=160mm.

Headrest Hardware

Ottobock provide multiple headrest hardware options sure to match your individual needs.

  • Ottobock Goose-Neck style hardware offers flexible positioning

  • Ottobock Multi Axis hardware, straight delivers durable, consistent support

  • Ottobock Multi Axis hardware, offset, delivers adjustable positioning.


Advanced Line Flyer


Advanced Line Flyer

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