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28U90 - Ankle-Foot orthotics

Ankle foot orthosis

Comfort at every step

The 28U90 ankle foot orthosis is particularly well suited in case of temporary dorsal flexor weakness or if only short distances are covered. It lifts the foot and reduces the risk of stumbling.

With the 28U90 dorsiflexion assist orthosis, the anterior portion of the foot is raised and passive, flexible limitation of plantar flexion is provided in case of peroneal weakness. The thin-walled design with a high-quality surface increases resilience and gives the patient effective support at a low weight. The long sole ensures exact guidance of the foot and good pressure distribution.

The 28U90 ankle foot orthosis was designed for rapid, temporary use as an initial fitting, such as after an injury. Since it is easy to adapt, it is particularly well suited for early patient mobilization.

Additionally, the ankle foot orthosis is thermoformable, which means it can be reshaped for individual adaptation of the orthosis to the patient.

The innovative new pad is equipped with hook-and-loop closures on both the left and right, making the orthosis suitable for use on either side. Hook-and-loop material that is not needed can be easily sewn in place. The pad is also washable and can be replaced with a new pad at any time.


At a glance
- Low weight
- Thermoformable
- Replaceable pad
- Passive, flexible limitation of plantar flexion
- Long sole for exact foot guidance
- Good hygienic properties

Terms and conditionsStroke, Multiple sclerosis, Neurological disorders
User groupchildren, adults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
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Product information

Terms and conditionsStroke, Multiple sclerosis, Neurological disorders
User groupchildren, adults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)

Product Data

Article numberShoes size menShoes size womenShoe size europeSideColor
28U90=L35-37-02.5 - 4.54.5 - 6.535 - 37left (L)Beige
28U90=R35-37-02.5 - 4.54.5 - 6.535 - 37right (R)Beige
28U90=L35-37-72.5 - 4.54.5 - 6.535 - 37left (L)Black
28U90=R35-37-72.5 - 4.54.5 - 6.535 - 37right (R)Black
28U90=L37-39-04.5 - 6.06.5 - 8.037 - 39left (L)Beige
28U90=R37-39-04.5 - 6.06.5 - 8.037 - 39right (R)Beige
28U90=L37-39-74.5 - 6.06.5 - 8.037 - 39left (L)Black
28U90=R37-39-74.5 - 6.06.5 - 8.037 - 39right (R)Black
28U90=L39-41-06.0 - 8.08.0 - 10.039 - 41left (L)Beige
28U90=R39-41-06.0 - 8.08.0 - 10.039 - 41right (R)Beige
28U90=L39-41-76.0 - 8.08.0 - 10.039 - 41left (L)Black
28U90=R39-41-76.0 - 8.08.0 - 10.039 - 41right (R)Black
28U90=L41-44-010.5 - 12.512.5 - 14.541 - 44left (L)Beige
28U90=R41-44-010.5 - 12.512.5 - 14.541 - 44right (R)Beige
28U90=L41-44-710.5 - 12.512.5 - 14.541 - 44left (L)Black
28U90=R41-44-710.5 - 12.512.5 - 14.541 - 44right (R)Black
28U90=L44-47-012.5 - 14.514.5 - 16.544 - 47left (L)Beige
28U90=R44-47-012.5 - 14.514.5 - 16.544 - 47right (R)Beige
28U90=L44-47-712.5 - 14.514.5 - 16.544 - 47left (L)Black
28U90=R44-47-712.5 - 14.514.5 - 16.544 - 47right (R)Black


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Foot drop can occur after a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or result of multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular atrophy, or peroneal paralysis.

Lightweight and durable, the WalkOn ankle foot orthosis is designed to help lift and support light to severe drop foot. This lower leg orthosis will allow you to complete everyday tasks, like walking up and down stairs, easily and more naturally.

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