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50K13 - Leg & knee orthotics

Genu Arexa

Guarantees therapeutic success

An operation is usually unavoidable after a ligament injury in the knee, such as tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament. The Genu Arexa knee brace optimally supports each phase of the healing process after surgery but also during conservative treatment without an operation. It not only prevents undesirable movements, but also restores your safety and confidence in your own mobility. Furthermore, it permits a controlled transition from your first steps after the operation to full weight bearing. The knee brace can also be worn at night and during physiotherapy exercises.

Why do doctors, O&P professionals and patients rely on the Genu Arexa? Because it is easy to use: its self-adapting plastic shells perfectly mould themselves to the shape of the user’s leg the first time the brace is worn, and numbered straps make it simpler to put on and take off. Plus, it features a user-oriented, multiple award-winning design and can be easily adapted without any tools.

Terms and conditionsInjury during sports, recreation and work
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

Genu Arexa - guides and stabilizes

User with the Genu Arexa knee brace biking with her friend
Enhanced safety after the operation

Years of experience show that a knee brace such as the Genu Arexa helps stabilise the injured knee after the operation and protects it against unwanted movements. It helps you quickly regain confidence in your own mobility and muscle strength.

Ottobock’s Genu Arexa knee brace on a patient’s leg
Comfortable to wear

The plastic shells of the knee brace automatically adapt to the contours of your leg the first time it is worn. Soft, washable padding ensures ultimate wearer comfort. The height-adjustable tibia pad protects particularly sensitive areas. 

Genu Move exercise programme with the Genu Arexa for follow-up treatment of an anterior ligament rupture
Genu Move

Developed by doctors, the Genu Move exercise programme supports the follow-up treatment of your knee injury and enables you to actively contribute to your rehabilitation at home as well. It is aimed at restoring the load-bearing capacity, mobility, strength and coordination of the affected leg.

Patient opening the hook-and-loop closures on Ottobock’s Genu Arexa knee brace
Easy to use

Putting on and taking off the brace is incredibly simple. You don’t have to step into the brace. Simply place it on the front of your leg and then fasten the straps in numerical order.

User Experience

A little further every day

Jessica with the Genu Arexa

Jessica ruptured her cruciate ligament while skiing. The Genu Arexa knee brace is helping her on the way back to everyday activities.


Knee support for cruciate ligament tears

How does a cruciate ligament tear occur?

The anterior cruciate ligament often tears during abrupt braking movements where the knee is flexed, curved slightly inward and simultaneously rotated outwards (valgus stress). This type of injury is particularly common when skiing and playing football. The posterior cruciate ligament, on the other hand, tears less frequently and mostly due to powerful external forces.

Therapy after a cruciate ligament tear

The Genu Arexa knee brace is a device for the conservative follow-up treatment of cruciate ligament injuries such as distensions, partial ruptures or ruptures. It is used for injuries to the anterior and the posterior cruciate ligaments as well as the medial and/or lateral collateral ligament. While it is intended primarily for functional follow-up treatment after ligament reconstructions, it is also used for the conservative therapy of chronic, complex instabilities of the knee joint.

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Two women sit outside while catching up. One wears the Ottobock Genu Arexa on her left knee.

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Product information

Terms and conditionsInjury during sports, recreation and work
User groupadults
ApplicationsBracing & Support/ (OTS)
Functional principlesother
MaterialAluminium, Plastic, Textile
Product typeKnee orthoses, rigid frame

Product Data

Article numberSizeSideKnee circumference AThigh circumference B
50K13=L-SSleft (L)32 - 37 ″39 - 46 ″
50K13=R-SSright (R)32 - 37 ″39 - 46 ″
50K13=L-MMleft (L)37 - 41 ″46 - 53 ″
50K13=R-MMright (R)37 - 41 ″46 - 53 ″
50K13=L-LLleft (L)41 - 46 ″53 - 61 ″
50K13=R-LLright (R)41 - 46 ″53 - 61 ″
50K13=L-XLXLleft (L)46 - 50 ″61 - 69 ″
50K13=R-XLXLright (R)46 - 50 ″61 - 69 ″
50K13=L-XXLXXLleft (L)50 - 56 ″69 - 79 ″
50K13=R-XXLXXLright (R)50 - 56 ″69 - 79 ″



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