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8E7* - Hand prosthetics

bebionic Hand

The most lifelike prosthetic hand
The multi-articulating bebionic hand works intuitively and precisely. The bebionic prosthetic hand is transforming the lives and abilities of amputees around the world. This ranges from helping them perform simple tasks like tying their shoelaces to restoring their control and self-esteem.The EQD wrist allows the user to quickly remove the hand by rotating it and then attach another terminal device.
User groupwomen, youths, men, adults, elderly
Product familybebionic
ColourWhite, Black
All specifications
Benefits at a glance

bebionic hand EQD – aesthetic, natural, adaptable

Stephen sitting at his laptop
Highly functional multi-articulating hand

Individual drives in the fingers allow objects to be grasped in a natural-looking, adaptive way.

Christian at the farmer’s market
14 selectable grips and hand positions

For a high degree of flexibility in everyday life with a wide range of different activities.

bebionic hand with Myo Plus
Compatible with Myo Plus pattern recognition

Coordinated with Myo Plus pattern recognition thanks to a digital interface.

Lina walking with a friend.
Passively movable fingers

The fingers yield when they brush against people or unintentionally bump into objects and fold away comfortably to protect the mechanics of the hand.

bebionic hand
Bluetooth module in both hand sizes

Just one Bluetooth adapter is required to easily connect to the bebalance+ adjustment software.

User holding a toothbrush in their hand
Compatible with DynamicArm without AnalogAdapter
Changeable Fingers

The bebionic hand was designed in such a way that all fingers, except for the thumb, can be easily exchanged by a certified orthopedic technician.

User Experience

Almost effortless

bebionic hand – Christian’s story

Christian is a full-time truck driver and loves to cook; thanks to his bebionic hand, he can now do this again with full enthusiasm.

bebionic hand – Stefan’s story

Thanks to his bebionic hand, Stefan can now play with his dog again more easily, push a grocery cart, or cook for his life partner and himself.


Product information

User groupwomen, youths, men, adults, elderly
Product familybebionic
ColourWhite, Black
Product typebebionic hand

Product Data

Article numberSideColour
8E70=L-M-B-1left (L)Black
8E70=L-S-B-1left (L)Black
8E70=L-S-W-1left (L)White
8E70=R-M-B-1right (R)Black
8E70=R-S-B-1right (R)Black
8E70=R-S-W-1right (R)White
8E71=L-M-B-1left (L)Black
8E71=L-S-B-1left (L)Black
8E71=L-S-W-1left (L)White
8E71=R-M-B-1right (R)Black
8E71=R-S-B-1right (R)Black
8E71=R-S-W-1right (R)White
8E72=L-M-B-1left (L)Black
8E72=L-S-B-1left (L)Black
8E72=L-S-W-1left (L)White
8E72=R-M-B-1right (R)Black
8E72=R-S-B-1right (R)Black
8E72=R-S-W-1right (R)White



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