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Emilia has a picnic with her family and sits in the Kimba buggy
Emilia has a picnic with her family and sits in the Kimba buggy
Emilia has a picnic with her family and sits in the Kimba buggy

Children's needs and requirements are constantly changing therefore their devices have to grow with them while also needing to be individually adaptable and versatile in their use. The Kimba Family provides everyday support to ensure maximum mobility. Developed and tested in cooperation with doctors, therapists, and users, the product range includes five seating shell mobility bases and one posture enhancing seating unit.

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Kimba - flexible, versatile, individual.


Our philosophy

The Kimba Family integrates perfectly into individual daily routines – without attracting a lot of attention. Our product portfolio accommodates ongoing physical development, provides support, and enables participation in social life. Allowing you to focus on what’s really important: Being a family.

Kimba Family.

The Kimba Family offers a versatile seating unit that is compatible with any of the five bases. This seating unit is designed for easy attachment and removal, making it ideal for almost any everyday situation. By using the Kimba Family, you can save space by avoiding the need for multiple seating solutions. Additionally, each base can be folded for convenient storage when not in use.

(L-R: Kimba Inline, Kimba Home, Kimba Buggy, Kimba Indoor & Kimba Cross)

Kimba Buggy

Kimba Buggy.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Kimba Buggy is lightweight, comfortable, and practical, ensuring your child always has the safe, customisable support they need. Whether it’s the daily trip to school or out and about on a family adventure, the Kimba is ready to roll.

Every child has their own individual needs and support requirements. With this in mind, the Kimba Buggy offers a wide range of adaptations and accessories. From thoracic supports and headrests to trays and changing bags, you can find the best solutions to ensure a comfortable ride. The seat tilt mechanism allows you to adjust the seat 40 degrees, providing maximum postural control and engagement for children with low tone. The tilt feature also supports you child's head comfortably, promoting active participation and preventing sliding for enhanced comfort. The seat tilt mechanism allows you to tip the seat to various positions, helping to relieve strain on your child's spine while activating muscles in their torso. This also allows for minimal disruption when sleeping or changing.

Travel and storage are made easy with the simple and compact fold and a build weight starting at only 17.5kg including an integrated aluminium equipment tray. The Kimba Buggy can also recline flat, idea for when you need to lay your little one down, either for changing or sleeping.

Available via your NHS Wheelchair Service or local Mobility Dealer.


Hip supports

The seat width and depth can be continuously adjusted so that the pelvis and torso remain stable. The hip supports can also be adjusted to different angles.

Kimba Cross

Kimba Cross.

The Kimba Cross is the perfect companion for long distances, on uneven surfaces, or for walks in the woods. Thanks to its foldable mobility base, you can easily transport the Kimba Cross by simply folding it together or disassembling it.

Three large wheels with BMX tyres, the drum brake, the elastomer suspension system and a bike bar that enables you to tow the frame, are included in this sporty rehab buggy’s standard equipment. It can be combined with various seating solutions for customised comfort. We also offer you convenient add-on options for a wide range of different activities.

Available via your local Mobility Dealer.

Kimba Inline

Kimba Inline.

The Kimba Inline allows you to fit both of your children in just one pushchair and simultaneously ensure they have the correct postural stability. The outdoor mobility base is for twins or siblings, who both require positioning during transport. It can be combined with various seating solutions. The Kimba Inline features pneumatic tyres for improved comfort, drum brake on the rear wheels for enhanced safety and options for seating shell interface and buggy board. Plus the telescoping frame means the mobility base can be easily folded for storage or to fit into the boot of a car.

Available via your NHS Wheelchair Service or local Mobility Dealer.

Kimba Inline Rehab Buggy
Kimba Home

Kimba Home.

The Kimba Home mobility base is designed for indoors accommodating the Kimba seating unit or custom seating shells from Ottobock. The seat angle and seat height can be adjusted in just a few seconds, ensuring your child is perfectly integrated into their environment and can always interact as an equal, whether they're playing on the floor or eating at a table. Your child's safety is a top priority with the Kimba Home, it comes with an optional anti-tipper bar. The lever for adjusting the seat tilt can be optionally mounted on the push bar.

The Kimba Home comes with the Kimba seat adaptor. This means the seating unit can be used on all the other products in the Kimba Family.

Available via your local Mobility Dealer.

Kimba Home Mobility Base

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