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bebionic hand

The bebionic is a multi-articulating myoelectric prosthetic hand that is available in sizes small (S) and medium (M). Fourteen selectable grips and hand positions let you perform a vast number of everyday activities with ease.

Mobility is the key to living life on your own terms – for people in any age group. We have been striving to provide people with disabilities with the best possible quality of life for nearly 100 years. Valuable feedback regarding our users’ day-to-day experiences helps our product developers see the world through their eyes.

Marko, Challenger i Triton

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Most of the time, the greatest challenges in life are everyday things. People with amputations are particularly aware of just how valuable it is to get through everyday life naturally and without help.

Living with an amputation

Information for patients

You can find further information about living with an amputation, treatment options and more here.

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Living with an amputation

All Ottobock prosthetic solutions

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Living with an amputation


Leg amputation

Information about leg amputations with reasons for amputating, rehabilitation, the alignment of a leg prosthesis, everyday life with a prosthesis and much more.

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Arm amputation

An amputation poses new, individual challenges in your life. The rehabilitation process takes several months on average.

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Children are curious by nature: They want to play, romp about, learn and discover new things. They want to be together with other children and be part of family life. Children want to move! The same holds true for children whose mobility is restricted.



Sports open up a whole new world of possibilities to people with disabilities. Some people engage in sports to become more active; others want to increase their level of fitness, and others simply enjoy moving about or having fun with other people. Or all these things.


Moderna protetička rješenja iz Ottobocka omogućuju korisniku maksimalno korištenje preostalih mogućnosti i zadržavanje mobilnosti. Pogledajte priče korisnika.

Marko Uležić

Marka Uležića, ambasadora Ottobocka i bivšeg profesionalnog sportaša imali ste priliku upoznati u velikom intervjuu na našim web stranicama, ali i kroz niz fascinantnih vježbi koje nam je više puta slao i objavljivane su na našim stranicama na društvenim mrežama. Marko koristi protetičko stopalo Challenger, a svoje iskustvo je podijelio s nama.

Ivan Gašparović

Ivan Gašparović iz Starog Petrovog Sela danas koristi napredno protetičko pomagalo za ruku koje mu omogućava izvođenje radnji koje je mogao obaviti i prije amputacije. Kvaliteta života kao i šanse za zapošljavanje su mu definitivno povećane. Trenutačno pomaže na obiteljskom gospodarstvu vozeći traktor i isčekuje skoro zaposlenje.

Lucija FletenMirsad TaletovićMatija Tenšić


Innovative materials make sophisticated treatment possible for people with physical disabilities. A comprehensive product range offers the O&P professional an optimal starting point for fabricating prosthetic sockets, orthoses or custom seating shells. Ottobock is always looking for new materials. Cutting-edge materials technology, along with corresponding processing techniques and training for O&P professionals, results in significant advantages for users.


Thermoplastics and accessories

Thermoplastics are especially suitable for constructing prostheses and orthoses. At Ottobock, you’ll find a vast range of materials based on innovative technologies

All thermoplastics and accessories

Lamination technology

From traditional perlon stockinettes, to the latest carbon and fibreglass materials, through to proven Ottobock lamination resins – we offer everything from a single source.

All lamination technology

Prepreg technology

Benefit from our experience with prepreg technology. In addition to thermoset prepregs, Ottobock offers thermoplastic prepregs for high-strength and very thin orthoses.

All prepreg technology

Padding materials

Our padding materials feature various Shore hardnesses and damping ratios. They can be used for a wide range of applications, such as fabricating soft sockets in prosthetics or as padding in orthotics.

All padding materials

Ottobock prosthetic solutions

The illustrated products represent treatment examples. Many different factors determine whether a product is actually suitable for you and whether you are capable of taking full advantage of the functionality of the product. Key aspects include your physical condition, fitness and a detailed medical examination. Your doctor or O&P professional will also decide which treatment is best suited to you. We’re here to support you.


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