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The relevance of the prosthetic foot

Find out more about the relevance, selection and construction of prosthetic feet.

Find out more about the relevance, selection and construction of prosthetic feet.


It’s more than a prosthetic foot. It’s a foundation.

The prosthetic foot makes everything else possible. Whether you‘re an above or below knee amputee, the quality and performance of your whole prosthesis will be impacted by the quality and performance of the prosthetic foot.

With a wide range of Ottobock prosthetic feet you can be sure that together with your prosthetist will find the one prosthetic foot fitting to your personal needs. Whether it is a foot made out of carbon or it is a microprocessor-controlled foot – our whole portfolio is based on the same idea: building a foundation. We take our responsibility seriously. When choosing a prosthetic foot from Ottobock, you can be sure that each one is designed with passion, in compliance with highest quality standards and always with your needs in mind.

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Your suitable prosthetic foot

How you and your prosthetist will select the right prosthetic foot

Please note: Choosing a prosthetic foot that best suits your personal requirements, needs and goals is a complex task. Your prosthetist is an expert in this field. Thanks to their education, experience and biomechanical knowledge, they will choose the prosthetic foot that helps achieve the best possible fitting outcome for you individually. The information provided in this section only serve as a guidance. Please contact your prosthetist if you have more detailed questions.

Personal factors

Apart from all the technical selection criteria, your prosthetist will keep in mind your personal needs, living situation and goals when choosing the foot prosthesis. These factors might be the desire to participate in sports activities or the ability to paint your toenails. These are of great importance because your prosthetic foot should be like an extension of yourself.

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Amputation level

Your amputation level will be one of the first things that needs to be looked at when chosing the components in your prosthesis. An above knee amputation requires a prosthetic knee joint and the type of knee joint will help to define the appropriate prosthetic foot. This is where your prosthetist will assess the functions of the prosthetic knee joint and recommend an appropriate prosthetic foot. Because the natural knee joint is intact after a below knee amputation, your prosthetist will consider factors like length of the residual limb, strength and range of motion when recommending an appropriate foot prosthesis.


Activity level

Manufacturers categorise prosthetic feet by the user’s activity level – also called mobility grade. This means that not every prosthetic foot can be used by every user. Selecting a prosthesis that matches your activity level will maximise your mobility and your quality of life. Here are some very basic indications for identifying your activity level. If you are on the border between two activity levels, your prosthetist will consider multiple products to assess the one that is best for you.

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Build height

Prosthetic feet vary in height. We call the height of a prosthetic foot build height. Your height and the length of your residual limb as a below knee amputee will determine the space you have for a prosthetic foot and what is the appropriate build height for the prosthetic foot. As an above knee amputee, the length of the prosthetic knee joint will be an additional factor to consider for the build height of the prosthetic foot.


Body weight

Prosthetic feet are designed for a specific weight range. To ensure that a prosthetic foot performs well for you, your prosthetist will choose one suited to your weight class.

Foot size

Like human feet, prosthetic feet differ in length and size. Prosthetic feet are sized by cm rather than standard shoe sizes. Every foot is available in a specific range of sizes. There are prosthetic feet that come in sizes for children while others are even sized for large adults. Ottobock running blades and specialty sports feet often have a single size.

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All about prosthetic feet

Specific information about prosthetic feet


A foot prosthesis has to feel good for you to meet your activity goals.

Prosthetic foot portfolio

Prosthetic feet from Ottobock

Each user is different and each user has different individual habits, preferences and goals. To meet your individual requirements and those of other users, it is not purposeful to provide one prosthetic foot for everyone but to have different foot prostheses for different user profiles. Our prosthetic feet cater to your individual needs – convince yourself.

An elderly couple enjoys a stroll outside. The elderly man wears Ottobock's Terion foot to assist with his walk.
Prosthetic feet

Less active individuals

Designed for less active individuals who mainly navigate indoor environments and will utilise a walking aid for outdoor ambulation and place a high value on dependable support from their prosthetic foot.

This is what you can rely on


For generations, Ottobock feet have helped define what’s possible with a lower limb prosthesis. With every step, our feet carry on the traditions of craftsmanship, invention and passion – that continue to set our products apart.


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