Microprocessor Knees

Reclaim your life with a microprocessor knee

Whether you’re a recent amputee or have already experienced life with a prosthetic knee – there is always more to learn and gain from a microprocessor-controlled device. Take some time to find out about our family of microprocessor knees (MPKs) and discover how they can help you in reclaiming your life. Get to know the difference between each of our knee’s features and figure out what knee supports your personal lifestyle best. Trials for all our MPKs are available, just talk to your Prosthetist who will be able to arrange this for you. Now might be the time to make a fresh start and to reclaim your life.

Benefits of a Microprocessor Controlled Knee

Understand the differences between our knee joints and learn how they can best support you and your everyday needs.

義足コンピューター制御膝継手ジニウムX3 直感ロック 最新 高機能 安定歩行 立位安定

Knee joints to suit your style

Take some time to learn about our microprocessor knees - Kenevo, C-Leg 4, Genium and Genium X3 and find the best fit for you

Childrens on the grass play with Georg's C-Leg 4 knee
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Microprocessor Knee Features

IP Rating

Life can get a little wet sometimes so it is important to know how protected your prosthesis is from exposure to the elements. IP Rating is the key to understanding what types of activities you can enjoy without ruining your device.

Intuitive Stance

Are situations that require extended standing challenging for you? With the Intuitive Stance offered by our microprocessor-controlled knee joints, you no longer need to be nervous about or avoid prolonged standing.

Stumble Recovery

Whether you’re walking slowly or quickly, taking big steps or small ones, walking on stairs or slopes – Ottobock’s electronic knee joints significantly minimise the risk of falling thanks to their unique Stumble Recovery. 

Bilateral Transfemoral Amputation

A bilateral amputation no longer means you have to give up on your plans for your life. Modern prosthetic technology provides targeted support so you can lead a largely independent, self-determined life. 


If you wear a C-Leg 4 or Genium knee joint, you can benefit from the unique option of using additional settings called MyModes, which supplement the tailored basic settings. 

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