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480F61 - Active use wheelchairs

Motus VR adaptive wheelchair

The lightweight all-rounder for active use

The New Motus family is a range of wheelchairs with a modular and fresh design and a multitude of product enhancements ensuring comfort and support for all of your needs.

The Motus family consists of four variations, the Motus CV a folding wheelchair with swing-away detachable leg supports, Motus CS folding wheelchair with fixed front frame and an active design, Motus Hemi has a low seat height for foot propelling abilities also has a one arm drive option if required and Motus XXL has a seat width up to 55.5cm and suitable for the slightly larger person available in both CV and CS versions, find out more about these on the options page.

The CS version has an optimized starting frame weight of 8kg.

Max. body weight140 kg
ActivitiesDaily use, Rehab
User groupelderly, adults, men, women
All specifications
Benefits at a glance
Wheelchair transport in a car, example of Ottobock Motus
Vehicle friendly

The Motus folds up easily and quickly for transport.

Wheelchair user with friends at the cinema – Ottobock Motus CS
Loyal companion

All Motus models were developed to support wheelchair users around the world. They are individually adjustable, stylish and reliable companions for everyday life with a wheelchair. 

Ottobock Motus CS wheelchair user in daily life
Adjustable back support

An adjustable back support is included as standard. This ensures the back support can be flexibly adjusted according to the requirements. 

Ottobock Motus CV everyday life with a wheelchair
Desk side panel with arm support

We developed a completely new desk side panel with an adjustable depth for the Motus. This additional function provides greater freedom of movement in everyday life, for example, by making it easy to drive up to tables.

User Experience

Being independent in day-to-day life

Barbara’s disease has cost her her job, her independence and a big chunk of self-confidence. But life goes on. Today, she regards herself as manager of her body. The mother of two has always approached the subject of mobility devices with an open mind. “Devices help people in need. So I really don’t understand why some patients resist them so strongly. Sooner or later, MS or no MS, everyone gets to a point where they need a device. So doesn’t it make far more sense to choose which one best suits your needs?” Barbara asks. With a device, users can participate in life without always being reliant on other people. “My wheelchair is part of me, just like my family. I’ve learned to accept this fact, and I’m okay with it. My motto is never give up, and let others make the calls where need be.”

Can anyone claim to have an easy life?

Wiktor began using a wheelchair around eight years ago. But it hasn’t stopped him from taking life by the horns. On the contrary! The MS patient wants to be a role model for other wheelchair users. “Life goes on. Many activities are easier nowadays for people with disabilities than they were in the past. However, there are still many obstacles, and plenty of room for improvement,” reports the lawyer from Poland. “It’s hard to believe, but too many court buildings are not wheelchair accessible. That’s got to change – and a whole lot more besides!”


Product information

Max. body weight140 kg
ActivitiesDaily use, Rehab
User groupelderly, adults, men, women
ColorGrey, Black, Blue, Orange, Green, White
Frame materialAluminium
Max. load140 kg
Product typeManual wheelchairs

Product Data

Article number480F61=2_AA02_C480F61=2_AA05_C
DescriptionMotus CVMotus XXL
Overall width505 - 680 mm655 - 755 mm
Overall length805–1.155 mm865–1.155 mm
Overall height670–1.100 mm670–1.100 mm
Seat depth360–540 mm420–540 mm
Seat width355–480 mm505–555 mm
Seat heightvorn: 380 – 550; hinten: 360 – 520 mmvorn: 380 – 550; hinten: 360 – 520 mm
Seat inclination10–100 mm10–100 mm
Back angle0° bis 30°0° bis 30°
Lower leg length340–550 mm340–550 mm
Folding size (LxWxH)270 - 330 mm270 - 330 mm
Max. load125 kg140 kg
Total weight11,9–20,2 kg12,8–20,7 kg


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