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Spina Bifida

About Spina Bifida

About Spina Bifida

Spina bifida is a fault in the development of the spine and spinal cord which leaves a gap in the spine.

During the first month of life, an embryo (developing baby) grows a structure called the neural tube that will eventually form the spine and nervous system.

In cases of spina bifida, something goes wrong and the spinal column (the bone that surrounds and protects the nerves) does not fully close. Spina bifida is also known as split spine.

The exact causes are unknown, but several risk factors have been identified, the most significant being a lack of folic acid before and at the very start of pregnancy.

There are a number of different types of spina bifida, the most serious being myelomeningocele (affecting one pregnancy in every 1,000 in Britain). Ottobock's mobility solutions can improve your quality of life if you have spina bifida.

Suitable Wheelchairs

Suitable Wheelchairs

Suitable Wheelchairs


The new Motus family is a range of wheelchairs with a modular and fresh design and a multitude of product enhancements ensuring comfort and support for all of your needs.

Suitable Wheelchairs


From unusual challenges to demanding everyday life: the Ventus rigid frame wheelchair is manufactured to the highest standards, leaving no wish unfulfilled. A broad range of individual combination and adjustment possibilities permits excellent adaptation to your needs. A perfect combination of quality, ergonomics, handling – and design.

Suitable Wheelchairs


If your child has Spina Bifida, the BRAVOracer is the perfect wheelchair. A practical, compact all-rounder that handles any everyday situation effortlessly and is easy to stow for transportation. An active wheelchair developed based on the body and growth data of children, that adapts to a child's requirements.

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